Unsuitable PunishmentMature

Gabriel’s eyes flickered shut as pain induced exhaustion rolled over him. A sudden sharp pain in his side made him jump and Dorian yelped as the vampyres claws closed over his wrist.
“Don’t touch me.” Gabriel snarled at the witch.
“I’m sorry” Dorian sounded genuinely startled.
“Gabriel, isn’t one for intimacy.” Lou said taking the witch kings hand and making sure there was no blood. “The scars hurt, I speak from experience.”
“They hurt?” Dorian frowned.
“Long story,” Lou smiled as Dawn brushed Gabriel’s hair away from the vampyres forehead. “I’ll explain later.”
“I am truly sorry, Gabriel” Dorian said softly “for everything.”
“S’okay” Gabriel muttered “don’t worry.”
“I was thinking I could help with your scars but if they’re not ordinary scars it may not work.”
“Nothing else does.” Gabriel smiled gratefully at Dawn as the daemon gently settled the duvet over him. Dawn smiled back and lay down beside him not bothering to change out of his party clothes.
“So, what will happen to Wick?” Dawn asked sleepily.
“She has the highest punishment I can give.” Dorian sighed. “But you wont like it.” he and Lou sat down on the end of Lou’s sofa bed. “her powers have been stripped and she will work in the palace for a week.” Dawns eyes snapped open and he sat up.
“What?” he snarled “that’s it?”
“Humiliation, a female with no magick is the highest embarrassment especially having to work manually too.”
“Well, its not what I call a punishment.” Lou growled.
“Nor me.” Dawn grumbled laying back down.
“I’m afraid it’s the best I can offer.” dorian sighed “I cant do more without a queen.”
“It's ridiculous.” Dawn snapped beside him Gabriel nodded.
“I can understand.” he said
“You’re hurt and minus at least two pints of blood,” Dawn said firmly “I’m not taking your opinion on anything until you’ve fed.”
“My mind is fine, Dawn” Gabriel snarled “female hierarchy is normal to me.”
“So your letting it go?” Dawn frowned.
“I didn’t say that” Gabriel opened his eyes slowly. “Now can you lot shut up so I can sleep?” Dawn smiled despite his irritation as Gabriel shifted in the bed and closed his eyes again.
“Dorian,” Lou said “Do you mind if I keep you from your bed a little longer.” he stood pulling his jacket on.
Dorian grinned at him and stood too.
“Fine with me.” he chuckled then more gently he said “how can I help?” they left quietly together.

The End

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