Dorian looked at Gabriel closely, the vampyre didn’t look angry and the witch realized that if anything he looked tired and a little embarrassed.
“Gabriel?” Dorian said quietly “I am so sorry.” but the vampyre just shrugged his good shoulder.
“To be honest,” he said sounding gloomy “I was expecting it.”
“Really?” Dorian moved so Gabriel could see him properly.
“Wherever we go someone has a problem with one of us.” the vampyre sighed.
“Usually you” Dawn tried a smile as he stroked Gabriel’s wing gently.
“I’ll go and get some water” Lou said expecting an argument but Gabriel merely nodded.
“Do you know what happened?” Dorian asked as Lou left.
“Wick was doodling in the dirt then she tried to blow everyone up.” Gabriel yawed despite the pain in his chest and shoulder.
“Yes,” Dorian smiled “but do you know what she was doing?”
“No,” Gabriel said as Dawn pulled a chair over and set it in front of the vampyre. “Symbols aren’t my area of study.”
“It is one set that is forbidden here,” Dorian sighed he ran his hands through his hair, Lou came in with a steaming bowl and clean cloths. Dawn looked at Dorian as Lou sat down in front of Gabriel, the witch was agitated his body seemed barely able to stay still.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“Furious.” Dorian said his voice strained he pressed his hands to his face and took a deep breath. He heard Gabriel’s barely concealed hiss of pain as Lou began to clean the blood up.
“So, what was it?” dawn asked.
“It was one of the spells we found in the ruins here” Dorian said dropping his hand back to his sides “before the city was built. Alone the symbols are the basic workings of a lot of symbol magick with a few extras we don’t use or know, collectively they make up what’s called the Gate of Idras” Dorian watched Gabriel lit a cigarette, fumbling the lighter in his claws as his hands shook. “Its old magick, the magick of the Gods“
“So?” Gabriel growled as Lou worked.
“Its purpose isn’t to kill.” Dorian seemed reluctant to continue “it…it doesn’t kill, instead it disintegrates the body leaving the spirit or soul trapped in that place able to see the world around them but not be seen or heard. Forever conscious. Forever screaming” His voice trailed off. Gabriel’s exhausted mind struggled with this while Dawn sat heavily on the bed and Lou looked at Dorian in horror the cloth poised over the bowl of water. “The biggest problem was, Wick had no intended target” Dorian was pale “either it would have worked and trapped everyone within range, at least the whole party. Or it would have failed and blown us all to the Afterworld.”

The End

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