Gabriel saw stars beyond the tree canopy as his ears rang, the explosion had shaken the clearing. Dawn's face obscured Gabriel’s view of the night sky, the daemons mouth moved but the thunderous buzzing in the vampyres ears meant all other sounds were drowned out. Dawn pulled him up onto his feet and saw Deacon doing the same for Sylver as Dorian strode towards Wick.
“Gabriel?” Dawn's voice came through the dimming buzz in Gabriel’s head. The daemon made a point of brushing the dusty mud from Gabriel’s clothes.
“Enjoying yourself?” Gabriel slurred, Dawn smiled at him then looked at Dorian. Gabriel took a step, the world lurched and he staggered. A huge arm wrapped around his chest, the big hand hooking under his arm and steadying him.
“Steady, vampyre boy.” the daemon rumbled glaring at wick as Dawn pulled her forward.
“I’m okay, Balthazar” Gabriel said his words seemed to stick and meld together as they made their way out of his mouth. Lou made a beeline for Dorian as Wick pulled free of Dawn and with a contemptuous look at the daemon, she stalked away.
“I thought we were safe here.” Lou snarled at Dorian,
“Lets get the injured inside.” Dorian said trying to keep his voice level he helped a young woman to her feet. “And you should have been safe.” he added looking sadly at Lou, before heading slowly towards the stone steps.

Gabriel felt the ground tilt the other way and he crashed into Balthazar’s large chest, the big daemon gripped his arms.
“Gabriel,” Dawn took his left arm and Balthazar his right and they slowly steered him towards the palace.
“You’re bleeding” Balthazar said his voice still vibrated through the vampyre even though the daemon kept his voice low.
“I am?” Gabriel looked down to see the dark stain blossoming out over his new top, it had just reached his waistband. “Ah, that would be why I feel like shit.”
“Come on” Dawn growled as the witches watched them pass.

In the bedroom, Dawn knelt in front of Gabriel. The vampyre sat on the edge of the bed, his claws holding tightly to the bedpost, his head was swimming.
“You really don’t look well.” Balthazar commented
“I don’t really feel it either.” Gabriel growled as Dawn undid the popper at the collar of the strange waistcoat and slowly pulled the zipper down, watching warily for any sign of movement. If Gabriel was to lash out, where the daemon sat, he would likely lose an eye. “I’m not going to move” Gabriel sighed “I’m too tired.” Dawn smiled and gently rested his hand on the vampyres pale cheek for a moment.
The second time, recently healed wound over Gabriel’s right shoulder, was steadily pumping blood and Dawn swore loudly as Lou and Dorian hurried in.
“What?” Lou frowned coming around the bed, Dorian joined him and froze as his amber eyes met the sight of blood dripping into the multitude of scars that covered the vampyres chest and stomach.
“Goddess.” he whispered in alarm as Sylver and Deacon crashed in. Gabriel came alive ripping the edge of the waistcoat from Dawn's hand he covered himself up.
“It’s like a damned circus in here,” he snarled.
“Okay, boys.” Lou said loudly. “Everyone out.”
“I can help” Dorian said his eyes still fixed on the vampyre whose eyes were fixed on his own lap. “It’s the least I can do.”
“Maybe,” Balthazar boomed to the witch. “Doesn’t mean he’ll let you.” the large daemon waited for Sylver and Deacon to leave then followed closing the door.

The End

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