A Strange ReactionMature

At the throne room doors, a young witch sat on a stool reading a tatty paperback. Looking up he smiled as Gabriel and Lou approached.

“His highness has moved the party, so it’s not as crowded. It’s in the west forest.” He looked back at his book. “Turn right outside the main doors, you can’t miss it.”

“Thanks” Lou said.


The west forest was teeming with people, the air was warm and fragrant with spices and cooking meat. Tiny lights hung in strings through the trees, music and laughter floated up a flight of stone stairs to meet Lou and Gabriel.

“Hey.” Morgan called spotting them, she waved enthusiastically, her other hand rested on the growing bump she carried.

Gabriel felt his mind begin to fog most of the witches around him were taller then him and the sounds and smells pressed in making him feel dizzy.

“Have you seen Dawn?” Lou asked.

“I haven’t seen him.” Morgan frowned “I could ask…” she stopped looking up the stairs behind them. “He’s there.” She smiled Lou turned and laughed in pleasant surprise. Gabriel lit a cigarette then turned too, looking up.

Dawn stood at the top of the stairs dressed in crimson silk, his large arms bare. His usually swept back, black hair hung loose around his face. He looked a little lost as he quickly moved towards them.

“Hi.” He said sounding a little uneasy.

“Hey, yourself.” Morgan laughed “you look great.” She elbowed Gabriel's arm lightly. “Doesn’t he?”

“Huh?” he frowned at her rubbing his arm.

“You are hopeless.” She sighed fondly “don’t you think Dawn looks good?” Lou looked at Gabriel's face then quickly he took Morgan's arm.

“A dance?” he asked she nodded laughing again and Lou led her away.

“Well?” Dawn asked as Gabriel looked at him. Dawn wondered what the vampyre was thinking as the blue eyes travelled over the red silk. His eyes met Dawn's and Gabriel's sharp teeth became visible as he smiled.

“You look…” he paused suddenly frowning almost in confusion. “Familiar.”

“Of course I do.” Dawn laughed, his nerves vanishing he thought his friend would laugh but Gabriel just looked puzzled. Dawn moved to his side. “Okay?” he asked Gabriel nodded his expression softened to slightly bewildered. He moved slowly through the crowd at Dawn's side.    

The End

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