I'm Back (hopefully)Mature

Gabriel paced the bedroom slowly, not looking up as Dorian and Lou came in.

“Gabriel?” Lou frowned holding a hand up to Dorian who was about to speak. “Gabriel?” the daemon said again and Gabriel's icy eyes flashed up to look at them.

“What?” he growled.

“What’s happened?” Lou asked moving towards him.

“Nothing.” Gabriel sighed rubbing the back of his neck “I'm just tired and bored, the two don’t mix well with me.”

“Nor me.” Lou smiled and Gabriel noticed for the first time that the daemon had new clothes laying over his arm.

“For the party” Lou grinned “Dorian has yours.”

“I'm not going.” Gabriel said starting to pace again.

“Why not/” Dorian sounded disappointed.

“I don’t like parties or crowds.”

“I thought you'd be used to it.” Dorian smiled, setting the clothes down on the bed. “From your days in Paradise.”

“That’s the reason I hate them.” Gabriel said glaring at the clothes as if this was their fault.

“Please?” Dorian smiled.


“Okay, I’ll do you a deal.” Dorian sat down beside the neatly folded garments, Gabriel just raised thin eyebrows at him.

“I wouldn’t.” Lou smiled but Dorian shrugged.

“One hour, one hour at the party for a sparring match with the person of your choice.” Dorian smiled “but you have to wear that.” He pointed at the clothes. Dorian saw caculating blue eyes look at him then move tot the clothes, he waited as Gabriel considered for a moment longer.

“All right.” He nodded

“You shouldn't make deals with Gabriel” Lou said turning to them.

“No?” Dorian could see the spark in Gabriel's eyes.

“No, he's not just a pretty face.” Lou said. Dorian turned his eyes back to the vampyre as he stood up.

“Too late now.” Dorian smiled not sounding concerned. “so, I assume you chose Wick?”

“No” Gabriel said Dorian frowned.

“Then whom?”

“You.” Gabriel grinned Lou howled with laughter as the smile slid from Dorian's face.

“Me?” the witch stuttered “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not?” Gabriel growled.

“I'm stronger than I look.” Dorian said, it wasn’t a boast, just a statement. Gabriel shrugged.

“So am I” he said “we had a deal.”

“We still do.” Dorian smiled and turned to Lou as Gabriel picked up the clothes on the bed. “I like this.”  Dorian said trailing a finger over the black ink below Lou's skin. Gabriel pulled the curtain on the bed across for some privacy and sighed pulling on the trousers he snapped the built in buckle.




The End

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