Dorian's InvitationMature

Morning came and went and Gabriel slept, occasionally he moved suddenly or made a sound but nothing that alarmed the two daemons too much. At around 1pm Dorian knocked on the door.

“I thought you slept all day” Lou smiled

“Usually” Dorian said perching on the end of Lou's sofa bed, he was resplendent in black silk and velvet. “It would be rude to neglect my duties as a host.” He looked from Lou to Dawn, who was still in bed. “You two haven’t slept, have you?” he frowned.

“Not really” Dawn sighed.
“Any reason?” Dorian looked at Gabriel's sleeping form, still tucked tightly against Dawn’s side.

“A few bad dreams.” Lou said.

“On his part I presume?” Dorian said softly.

“Can you help?” Dawn asked suddenly.

“No” Dorian said a little more sharply then intended, he sighed “I can but I wont.”

“Why not?” Dawn snarled, his lack of sleep shortening his usually sweet temper Dorian watched a crimson line flash over the daemons skin.

“Because,” Dorian said, choosing his words carefully, aware of the danger. “If I stop them it doesn't help him in the long run. He's got to work through them.”

“He’s had them for years,” Lou put in “how much more working can he do?”

“I'm not sure.” Dorian said “but from experience with such matters and from the rumour that your young friend is a bit of a loose cannon, if I suppress his dreams it could make him go insane.”

“He already is.” Dawn smiled down at the sleeping form under the duvet.

“In a good way, perhaps.” Dorian stood “but…” he stopped seeing that the two daemons understood. “By the way,” he said suddenly “before I forget why I came, there is a celebration tomorrow and I would like to invite your party to a party.”

“What kind of celebration?” Lou asked as Dawn settled back against the pillows trying to relax and get some sleep.

“Midwinter.” Dorian said “it’s a night of eating, drinking, music and the like.”

“We don’t really have the clothes for a party.” Lou said “besides I don’t think anyone’s really in the mood for celebrating.”

“Clothes aren’t an issue.” Dorian waved a hand “my tailors have already said they're happy to clothe you all, I will insist that you all come for a little while though.” Dorian smiled softly “you all need some time to relax.”

“All right,” Lou said “but you'll have to convince Gabriel.” Dorian frowned curiously.

“He’s not a socialite” Lou added.

“Really?” Dorian said genuinely surprised Lou nodded. “I would have thought he'd be used to it, from when he was Prince.”

“That’s the problem” Dawn muttered from the bed “in Paradise there were so many parties and celebrations that he quickly developed a dislike for social gatherings.”

“Well,” Dorian said slowly, pondering this for a moment. “I will try and make it more pleasant for him also I am looking into a blood supply for them, so they can have a drink.”

“It cant be animal blood,” Dawn said “it makes them sick.”

“I know.” Dorian smiled “I spoke to Sylver earlier at breakfast, I enjoy a challenge,  I’ll see what I can do.”



The End

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