Bad DreamsMature

Back in the palace Lou settled Jules in the room she shared with Morgan and Berith, before joining the others back in Gabriel's room. Gabriel was sat on the double bed his back to the others.

“What was all that about?” Raph drawled in his bored voice.

“I'm not saying a word” Dawn said looking at Gabriel the vampyre had an unlit cigarette in his mouth the lighter held in his hand as the four words played over and over in his mind.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said dully turning to them.

“Gabriel.” Lou said “if it’s…”

“I said,” Gabriel's voice was low and warning “it doesn’t matter.” Lou closed his mouth and nodded.

“All right” he said carefully watching the tiny sparks flash down the vampyres braid.

“But…” Dorian started Lou clapped a hand on his shoulder a little harder than intended, the witch gasped and winced.

“Never mind.” Lou said, gently rubbing the witches shoulder, realising that he'd hurt him.


Gabriel sat on the raised dais in the empty throne room, he bit his lip as he pressed the already blood soaked napkin to his side, his feathered wings drooped as he hung his head.

“Gabriel?” a quiet voice came out of the darkness, making him jump, the small movement jarred his side and a small sound escaped him before he bit down hard on his lip.

Lou walked to him, a younger and slightly smaller daemon, his astral form projected from somewhere in Hell. The combined powers of the daemons council made him all but solid.

“What do you want?” Gabriel hissed as the daemon sat down beside him.

“Dawn's looking for you.” Lou said gently “you were supposed to have dinner.” Lou looked at the pale, pain pinched face then down at the bloody fingers that held the soaked cloth to his side.

“What was she angry about?” he asked softly.

“She wants Dawn in the barracks,” Gabriel sighed “I argued.”

“That’s all?” Lou said resting an arm around Gabriel's shoulders, the angel nodded miserably. “All right, let’s get you cleaned up.”


The dream shifted and Gabriel felt the tight bandaging around his stomach as Lou led him into his rooms.

“Dawn?” Lou called closing the door, the large angel wrenched the bedroom door open as Lou sat Gabriel down on the long sofa in the living room.

“Where have you bee…” Dawn stopped his annoyed worry giving way to raw concern he dropped to his knees beside his princes legs.

“I've cleaned him up.” Lou said looking at the exhausted blue eyes. Dawn barely heard as his fingers touched the bloody tear in the side of the usually pristine black uniform.

“I'm sorry I missed dinner.”  Gabriel murmured.

“Oh, sweetheart.” Dawn said carefully linking his hands behind his prince. “don’t worry.”

“Later, Dawn.” Lou said seeing Gabriel's eyes close. “get him to bed,” Lou rested one hand on Dawn's shoulder his form flickering. “I’ll try and come back in the morning.” Dawn nodded numbly.



Dawn saw the frown appear slowly on the sleeping vampyres face, the daemon rolled onto his side and gently pulled Gabriel close to his chest.

“Dawn?” Lou asked still on alert on the sofa bed across the room.

“Its okay.” Dawn sighed softly.

“That’s the third tonight.” Lou said closing his book.

“I know.” Dawn said tightening his arms around the vampyre.  


The End

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