A Chat in the ForestMature

Gabriel rubbed his wrists where his binding cuffs had been, Dorian smiled.

“Better?” he asked Gabriel felt the familiar buzz of electricity inside him and nodded.

“yes.” He said Dorian turned to dawn.

“And as for you.” Dorian smiled removing the glowing bands from dawns throat. “Your bindings haven’t worked since you arrived at the palace.” Dawn frowned at him.

“How did you know that?” he asked.
“I know the powers that enter my halls.” Dorian smiled “you should have been given the same binding that your little electric friend had.”

“So why didn’t I?” dawn asked Dorian smiled.

“I'm unsure, but I will certainly be looking into my security arrangements.”


Dorian led the four of them around the outside of the palace to a small copse of trees.

“Just so you know,” Dorian said sitting down he settled back against a tree. “We are underground, the sky you see is mere illusion. We like to think we’re outside.”

“Then why aren’t you?” Raph asked laying on the leafy ground and looking up at the magick sky.

“Because safety dictates we stay” Dorian smiled “I did suggest that we move a few years ago but Wick wouldn’t have it.”

“But you're king.” Gabriel snarled “she has no right.” Dorian chuckled.

“On the contrary, Gabriel. Apart from myself she is the highest status citizen here.”

“She still shouldn’t be able to give you orders.” Dawn said not understanding.

“To make it a little simpler dawn,” Dorian said watching as Gabriel lit a cigarette “Wick is female, therefore she is the highest status female. I am king and therefore the highest status male.”

“So she's higher than you?” dawn asked in disgust.

“Until I find a new queen she is around the same level as me.” Dorian said.

“How weird.” Dawn sniffed.

“Perhaps,” Dorian nodded “but that is just the way it is.”

“I can understand it, Paradise is the same.” Gabriel said “based on female lineage.”

“So if aura dies you’ll take over?” Raph rolled over onto his front his black eyes looking at Gabriel.

“No,” Gabriel said “Morgan is next in line.”

“Morgan's related to you?” Dorian asked interested.

“She’s my daughter.” Gabriel said defensively.

“Why does she call you by your name?” the witch king asked.

“No idea.” Gabriel shrugged.

“Dawn calls me by my name too.” Lou smiled “is that strange?”

“A little” Dorian nodded looking mildly amused.

“Does it bother you?” dawn asked looking at his father, Lou smiled and shrugged as he saw Deacon, Sylver and Jules coming towards them.

“It’s nice here.” Deacon smiled sitting down beside Lou.

“Is everything okay?” Dorian asked gently.

“Fine.” Sylver nodded “we came because Jules keeps humming.”

“So?” Dorian frowned

“She’s a seer.” Lou explained “she usually hums before a vision.”

“Oh I see.” Dorian looked at the redheaded woman.

“I'm fine.” She said before humming again.


The End

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