Cleaning upMature

Dawn awoke to low voices in the room and he looked up to see Dorian perched on the end of the sofa bed, Lou was stretched out luxuriously his hands behind his head as they talked.
“Good evening.” Dorian said as he noticed there were two pairs of brown eyes watching him.
“Hey.” Dawn stretched and then he realized he was the only one in the bed. “Where’s Gabriel?” he growled.
“Don’t get upset.” Dorian smiled “he’s gone down to the bath house with Sylver and a few of the others.”
“Deacon, Balthazar and Rossier” lou said calmly “he couldn’t sleep.”

Gabriel double checked the door to the small room, making sure the bolt was firmly in place before looking disdainfully at the single person pool that was sunk into the marble floor. He sighed and set his axes down beside the water before stripping his dirty clothes off and unbraiding his hair.

“Here we have the main pool.” Dorian said a few witches in the water greeted their king as he led the daemons past. Dorian pointed to the end of the large, steamy room. “Down there are the single sex pools and the steam rooms.” he pulled a door open nearby. “Down here are the single pools” he led Dawn and Lou into a long humid corridor lined with dark wood doors.
“Dawn?” Lou stopped as Dawn froze staring down the corridor. Lou rested his hand gently on Dawn's shoulder.
“This place looks oddly familiar.” Dawn said slowly.
“This looks similar to the bathing quarters in Paradise.” Lou said quietly “is that what you’re thinking of?”
“Probably.” Dawn muttered.

Gabriel lay back in the bubbling water rinsing soap from his hair, and wincing as the scars on his back and sides pulled painfully. Then shaking his head to get the water out of his ears he rested his arms on the side of the pool trying to relax.
Someone knocked and Gabriel leapt away from the door sending cascades of water over the marble floor.
“Gabriel?” Dawn's voice called sounding worried. “It’s me.”
“Asshole.” the vampyre grumbled quietly his heart racing.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Gabriel snapped climbing the shallow steps out of the pool.
“Can I come in?” Dawn asked Gabriel wrapped a towel around his waist, he saw a simple wooden dressing screen and sighed.
“Fine.” He called flicking the lock back he picked his bag up and moved to the screen.
“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly.
“I’m here.” the vampyres voice muttered Dawn smiled and sat on a dark wood chair in the corner.
“Are you alright?” Dawn asked
“Yeah,” Gabriel muttered automatically.
“Sure?” Dawn watched the vampyre move out from behind the screen his wet hair loose and dripping. Dawn stood quickly moving to him he wrapped his arms around the vampyres bare shoulders.
“Dawn, please.” Gabriel sighed as the daemon pulled him close, the vampyre could hear Dawn's heartbeat.
“Just give me one minute.” Dawn muttered resting his hand at the nape of Gabriel’s neck.
“Dawn,” Gabriel said after a moment “I have to get my hair sorted.”
“Sorry.” Dawn let go and looked down at his wet shirt Gabriel smiled and began to tug a brush through his hair.
“Why are you here?” Gabriel asked tugging on a clean shirt.
“I was worried.”
“You’ve only just got up.” Gabriel said “what was to worry about? Lou knew where I was.”
“I know.” Dawn sat down again his magick heated his skin drying his shirt quickly. “How did you know I’d just got up?” Gabriel sniggered slightly.
“Your hair.” he laughed Dawn frowned and moved wiping the steamy mirror and he groaned.
“You mean I walked all the way down here looking like that?” he grumbled using his hands to try and flatten his hair. Gabriel moved up beside him.
“Yes” he smiled trying not to laugh he handed Dawn his hairbrush.
“Thanks.” Dawn smiled Gabriel shrugged and moved to pick his bag up as Dawn made himself presentable.

Back in their shared room Lou and Dorian were sat back on the sofa bed talking, they both looked up as Gabriel and Dawn came in.
“Hello.” Dorian smiled his amber eyes looking Gabriel over “your shirts wet.”
“I’m more than aware of that.” Gabriel growled putting his bag on the end of the bed.
“Oh,” Dorian said still smiling “well, seeing as you boys will be here for a while I will request that you join me for breakfast then afterwards perhaps a tour?”
“A tour?” Dawn said Dorian nodded.
“There is something being set up for tomorrow and I would like to make sire it will be ready in time.”
“Like what?” Dawn frowned nodding his thanks as Gabriel handed him a lighter the vampyre sat down his own lit cigarette hung from his mouth as he pulled on his boots. 

“Ah,” Dorian smiled “that is the question.”

The End

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