Gabriel moved with the others along the well lit corridor as Dorian showed the group to their rooms.
“And the last double room,” Dorian said “is for you two.” he looked at Lou, Dawn and Gabriel.
“What?” Gabriel growled.
“Terese informed me that there were four couples in the group.”
“Three” Gabriel snarled
“I was told four.” Dorian seemed puzzled “there’s Sylver and Deacon, Berith and Maxwell, Morgan and Malachi and you two.” Gabriel growled at the witch. “this isn’t correct?”
“No,” Dawn said “Gabriel and I aren’t a couple” the daemon tried to keep his voice light.
“From your conduct at the dinner table I thought I had assumed correctly.”
“Well, you didn’t.” Gabriel snapped
“Then I shall apologize” Dorian said “but these four rooms have been set up and there are no others.”
“What about me?” Lou asked Dorian smiled.
“You can choose where you sleep Lucifer, but there is a sofa bed in this one, unless you wish to share with me.”
“Thank you, Dorian” Lou said “but I am tired and in need of a bath.”
“I can offer you baths in the morning, I am afraid there are none in the rooms.” Gabriel sighed feeling disappointed and irritated, then he thought of his aching muscles and cold skin and the bed that waited.
“The dejected look doesn’t suit you, young prince.” Dorian said gently.
“I’m fine.” Gabriel growled
“Good, the offer of my bed is open to both of you too.”
“Thanks but no thanks.” Dawn yawned before Gabriel could snap an answer.
“As you wish.” Dorian said not sounding disappointed “goodnight.” he looked at the window “well, good morning at least.” he said seeing the sunrise outside.
“Goodnight.” Lou smiled Dorian inclined his head and turned away he had taken two steps when he turned back.
“I will send a healer up before I show you to the baths.” he said
“Why?” Dawn asked opening the door to their room
“The young prince is wounded.” Dorian said.
“I’m…” Gabriel growled
“Fine, I know.” Dorian chuckled “but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re in pain.”

Gabriel sat on the edge of the bed his clenched fists rested on his knees.
“Gabriel,” Lou said “get some sleep, we all need a rest after that journey.” Dawn slid into bed behind the vampyre as Lou tried to figure out the sofa bed. Dawn felt himself relax in the crisp, clean sheets and reaching over he ran a finger down Gabriel’s wing.
“Don’t” Gabriel snapped pulling away.
“Fine, I wont but come to bed.” Dawn yawned widely “please?” Gabriel sighed and began to undo his shirt as Lou managed to pull the sofa bed out the blankets and pillows were folded up in the middle of it.
“Ah,” Lou grinned triumphantly “magick” he laughed pulling off his jacket and shirt he unfolded the blanket and settled down.
“So,” he asked “what do you think of Dorian?”
“He’s odd.” Dawn said lightly “but seems nice enough.” Gabriel made a small sound beside him.
“You don’t like him?” Lou asked
“I think kings should behave themselves more.” Gabriel said “and he stares too much” Lou and Dawn both laughed.
“I agree there” Lou chuckled “but I don’t mind those eyes are gorgeous.”
“Each to their own.” Gabriel grumbled rolling away from Dawn, the daemon sighed and tugged the duvet up over the vampyres shoulder. Gently he reached over and brushed the grubby, silver hair from Gabriel’s pale cheek.
“Goodnight.” he whispered.
“Hmphnite.” Gabriel grumbled back.
“Night boys.” Lou said reaching up he turned a tiny dial by the door and the gas lamps snuffed out.

The End

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