Defensive and OffensiveMature

Sylver sat back slightly shocked and Deacon rested a hand on his thigh trying to comfort the irritated vampyre. Gabriel on the other hand silently agreed with Dorian understanding the witch kings dilemma.
“So,” Dorian said his eyes meeting Gabriel’s again “I would like to see your magick during your visit, I have heard rumours.”
“I hate rumours” Gabriel growled folding his arms he sat back. Discreetly Dawn shifted and ran a single finger down the vampyres wing, Gabriel shivered.
“Cold?” Dorian asked.
“Always” Gabriel muttered the witch’s amber eyes didn’t blink for a long while as he took in the muddy vampyres slim form.
“Well,” he said finally looking at his plate “the rooms here are warm, and as requested you are to share.”
“As requested?” Gabriel growled.
“I requested it.” Lou said
“Lucifer is untrusting” Dorian smiled “but in light of the events that have brought you to my door I can appreciate the need for safety.”
“Thanks.” Lou nodded.
“But I must also warn you,” Dorian said his face serious “from the moment you set foot here you have been on neutral ground and I will have no fighting in my halls.”
“What do you mean?” Dawn asked his mind distracted as his fingers stroked Gabriel’s wing near the vampyres shoulder, the silver braid brushing his wrist.
“What I mean,” Dorian smiled filling his own wine glass again and ignoring the offer of another new glass from the witch beside him. “Is that even if Aura herself walked through that door, you would do nothing to harm her.”
“Try and stop me.” Gabriel snarled Dorian’s eyes flashed darkening in anger.
“My rules are just that,” he said his voice still even and soft “and my punishments for people who disobey them are swift and I make no exception even for someone the Goddess has her hand on.” Gabriel flinched as every witch at the table moved to lay their right fist over their chest.
“What was that?” Dawn growled trying to comfort the jumpy vampyre.
“I am not touched by the Goddess.” Gabriel growled the table moved again.
“It is in reverence to our mother Goddess” Dorian said calmly and for a third time the witches saluted. Gabriel noted that Dorian’s hands hadn’t moved. “we take our religious beliefs seriously and yes, by the way, you are.” Dorian smiled warmly at Gabriel “she has her arms around you.”
“Then maybe she could help us out once in a while.” Gabriel snarled not flinching as a witch at the far end of the table stood up angrily.
“Sit down Wick.” Dorian ordered.
“I am sorry, your highness” the witch Wick said “but I cannot sit here and listen to blasphemy this creature is not blessed he is damned, all of them are and I refuse to dine with heathens.” Dorian sat back folding his long legs he stared indifferently at her for a moment.
“Well,” he smiled “I thought you were leaving.”
“Where is our escort?” Wick cried Dorian shrugged lazily Wick cried in outrage and stormed from the table leaving the room. A man who was clearly her partner stood slowly.
“My apologies my lord.” he said
“None needed, Angelo.” Dorian’s smile was slightly warmer as the man ran off following Wick. “Now then,” Dorian said after the doors to the hall had slammed closed. “I believe everyone has finished?” it was a question but all of the witches sat back the only one who carried on eating was Raph who was only just visible behind the hulking mass of Balthazar who took up most of one couch to himself and was talking quietly to a young female witch beside him. Raph looked up a forkful of food halfway to his mouth.
“Carry on” Dorian smiled “its good to see a healthy appetite, especially seeing as you seem to be disappearing.” Dorian sounded almost amused.
“He usually looks worse than that, my magick keeps him visible.” Lou said
“I see,” Dorian said “another fascinating creature among you.”
“I hope we didn’t offend Wick” Lou said politely but not really caring.
“Ah, offend Wick.” Dorian laughed and again Dawn felt Gabriel shudder. “Wick is offended by many things, my high Shaman hates anything deemed improper or against the Goddess and unfortunately daemons are among her most offensive.” he said looking at Gabriel again. The table saluted again and Gabriel growled.
“Just so she knows,” Gabriel said “I am no daemon.” Dorian laughed again and sat back his intelligent eyes half closed as he cradled his wine glass.
“Then what are you, young prince?” he asked slowly the occupants of the table were standing and heading off to rooms and other engagements.
“A vampyre.” Gabriel growled.
“Fair enough” Dorian shrugged “then Wick should have no issue with you, that should be a great comfort to her.” his tone was light and Gabriel almost expected him to laugh.

The End

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