Discussions at DinnerMature

Gabriel tried to find a seat further down the long table but people were hurrying to sit down.
“Sit by me, young prince.” Dorian said moving aside on the small but deep sofa “I don’t bite.”
“He might” Lou chuckled as he sat on Dorian’s other side.
Servants filled the tables with plates and serving dishes placing wine bottles and clean glasses among them. Dorian offered Gabriel a plate but the vampyre shook his head.
“Its not poison” Dorian smiled “you must eat, you’re so thin.”
“I don’t” Gabriel growled irritated at the personal comment.
“Gabriel’s kind doesn’t eat.” Lou explained.
“Really?” Dorian put the late down “then what keeps you all looking good?”
“They’re blood drinkers, dorian.” Lou said filling his glass with a deep red wine. Dorian leant his elbow on the table his chin in his hand, the intense amber eyes looked Gabriel over again.
“You really are fascinating.” he smiled Gabriel’s eyes darkened as his lip curled slightly.
“Dorian?” Lou said quickly as Gabriel moved to stand, Dawn gripped the vampyres arm pulling him back.
Dorian’s eyes flicked to Lou. “Where is your lady tonight?” Dorian’s back straightened his eyes closing the shadow of grief made the few lines on his handsome face deepen for a moment, then he looked at Lou again.
“Ava passed to the dark gods almost five years ago.” he said his voice wavered once “taking my son in childbirth.” Lou bit his cheek.
“I’m sorry.” he said Dorian’s face melted into a soft smile.
“Its okay.” he said and drained half his glass before continuing “its one form of magick we have no power over, when the dark god calls we must answer. We have no control over death.” Gabriel heard Sylver snort a few seats away. “You do not like our use of magick?” he said calmly looking at Sylver.
“You don’t use magick.” Sylver snarled “you twist it and manipulate it to your will.”
“Is that not what you do?” Dorian asked his voice mildly curious.
“No, we use what we have” Sylver growled “we don’t force it to our will.”
“I believe that anyone is able to make a chair, a craftsman makes a throne.” Dorian’s musical voice said a small smile on his face.
“What the hell does that mean?” Sylver snapped
“it means, that anyone who possesses magick can use it but a witch can shape it and therefore gains better use from it.” Dorian said Gabriel felt his hands tighten as he sensed Dorian’s heart rate speed up slightly.
“You enjoy antagonizing my brother?” he asked, Dorian’s eyes turned to him.
“Not at all” he purred a light pink brushed his tanned cheeks. “I enjoy a good discussion” he drained his wine glass and no sooner had he put it down a new, full one was in its place. The witch beside Lou put the bottle down. “I rarely get a good debate, people here just nod and agree with me.”

The End

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