The throne room was smaller than the one in Hell, the walls were draped in amber and red silk making it seem warm and comfortable. There was a clear run to the throne, around it were armchairs and couches with people in most seemed to be couples talking loudly,  laughing and relaxing. Everyone turned, the noise abating as the visitors with muddy clothes and travelling packs walked in.
Dorian sat on an ornate chair his long legs folded luxuriously. His amber eyes looked up as Lou strode towards him and he smiled lazily.
“Lucifer.” he said warmly “welcome once again to my house.”
“Dorian” Lou inclined his head slightly.
“So, who is in this dirty little rabble you have with you?” Dorian had one arm resting on the arm of his chair his long fingers toyed with a single gold hoop in the lobe of his right ear.
“I have a lot to introduce.” Lou smiled “but this is my son, Dawn.” he pulled dawn forwards.
“Pleasure.” Dorian smiled pleasantly.
“And Rega, Balthazar and Rossier.” Lou pointed each daemon out “here’s Raoul, Malachi, Deacon, Jules, Berith and Raph”
“And the rest?” Dorian said after he had looked at each individual.
“The Black-Lightning family.” he said and for the first time Dorian moved, uncrossing his legs he leant forward.
“Really?” he said with interest “all of them?” Lou nodded “even the prince?” Dorian asked, the crowd around them began to mutter and Gabriel tried to move back but Lou gripped his arm.
“Don’t be rude.” the daemon whispered.
“I’ll kill you for this.” Gabriel hissed.
“Later” Lou smiled as Gabriel looked up at Dorian.
“Come up” the king smiled “let me see you.” Gabriel stormed up the three shallow steps to stand in front of the witch, the crowd gasped and started talking more loudly.
“They expected you to stop one step down.” Dorian chuckled “you’ve put yourself at the same level as me.”
“I don’t care.” Gabriel snarled Dorian laughed outright and Gabriel felt the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
“Well,” he said “I don’t mind, you can be the same level as me if you want too.” the auburn witch stood and walked slowly around Gabriel one hand raised. He didn’t touch Gabriel but the vampyre felt the brush of magick on his wings and he growled the bands at his wrists buzzed angrily. “I don’t know about anyone else.” Dorian said “but I’m hungry.” his eyes were fixed on Gabriel’s own for a moment longer before he turned away. Gabriel watched the tables in the room being pushed together to form one long table down the centre of the hall. The sofas and chairs were arranged around them. “Come, join me.” Dorian said quietly to Gabriel brushing one finger across the vampyres chest. “I like my guests to eat before anything else.”

The End

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