Waiting ImpatientlyMature

“So what did he want?” Dawn asked as they filed out of the guesthouse.
“Who?” Gabriel asked as they passed the red brick buildings, the dark streets seemed too quiet and Gabriel shifted uncomfortably.
“The drunk” Dawn said quietly watching the vampyre. “Gabriel?” Dawn said worriedly when Gabriel didn’t answer.
“I don’t like it here.” Gabriel said his eyes swept the dark streets on each side of the palace road, he could feel unseen eyes watching them.
“Nor me, sweetie.” He said slipping his hand into Gabriel’s he looked up at the imposing palace ahead.

The huge palace was brighter than Gabriel had imagined it would be, with branches of candles and huge fireplaces blazing. The vampyre smiled slightly as the heat in the entrance hall warmed his cold skin.
“You will wait.” Madri said firmly “I will return after I have informed Dorian of your presence.”
“Fine” Lou growled irritated at the woman’s tone.

Gabriel looked up at an enormous painting that hung over the roaring fire near him, an imposing looking man with sharp chin and bright amber eyes. His dark auburn hair hung straight down just brushing his shoulders.
“That’s Dorian.” Lou said “if I remember correctly he was around seventeen when this was painted.” Lou looked around quickly “if she’s not back in two minutes I’m going in anyway.”
“That’s rude” Sylver smiled.
“So is making us wait.” Lou said looking at his watch.
Madri returned just as Lou reached the double doors to the throne room.
“Going somewhere?” she smiled standing directly in his path, Lou growled his skin rolling with black lines. Madri blanched slightly, “what are you doing?” she snapped “no magick.”
“my daemon form does as it pleases, whether you like it or not.” lou grinned wickedly and Gabriel frowned looking at Dawn as he noticed again how similar the two daemons looked when they were being less than agreeable. Madri shook her head slightly.
“Fine,” she said tersely “Dorian awaits your pleasure.”
“I never understood that phrase.” Lou sneered and swept past her into the throne room the others followed quickly.

The End

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