Waiting PatientlyMature

“Faeries?” Morgan smiled.

“Morgan” Lou said firmly “the gentry are not to be taken lightly, be careful.” Gabriel turned as someone beside the fire laughed. He saw a man slumped in an armchair a half full bottle of amber liquid hung in his hand that lolled over the arm. A pair of bloodshot green eyes stared at the group.

“What?” Gabriel snarled

“Come away my little child” the man hiccupped “to the waters and wild, with a faery hand in hand, for the worlds more full of weeping than you can understand.” the man giggled, a high pitched drunken laugh that made Gabriel growl.

“Sire,” the landlord hurried over pressing Gabriel back into his seat. “Please, ignore him, he is the local drunk and has had more than enough.” the portly landlord moved to the fire and prized the bottle from the fingers of the man.

“I think I missed a line.” the drunk said frowning, Gabriel saw him mouth the words of the old rhyme again and felt the cuffs on his wrists tighten.

“Gabriel,” Lou said warningly “watch your tongue.”

“Only if he watches his.” the vampyre snarled at the drunk who giggled again.

“I can’t see my tongue.” he said sticking out his tongue and going cross eyed as he tried to see it.



Gabriel spent a restless day in the guest house, in a small wooden bed with a straw packed mattress he wriggled struggling to get comfortable.

“Gabriel?” Dawn muttered form his own bed near the window “what’s wrong?”

“I’m not sleeping.” Gabriel growled sitting up he lit a cigarette.

“You mean you’re not tired?” Lou yawned from near the door Gabriel looked over to see the daemon sat up in his own little bed.

“No, I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep.” Gabriel growled “it doesn’t help that I’m filthy and freezing.”

“Tonight we’ll be at the palace,” Lou said “things are different up there.”

“Different?” Gabriel snorted “and I get to meet a king and most likely in a room of people and I look like I’ve had a mud bath.” Dawn muttered something. “Dawn.” Gabriel snapped.

“What?” Dawn smiled “I wouldn’t mind having a mud bath with you.” Lou snorted.

“I never took you for a vain creature Gabriel.” he said lightly.

“I’m not.” Gabriel said “I don’t care much how I look as long as I’m clean.”



The evening came quickly to those who slept but for Gabriel the time dragged past. Dawn sketched absently and Lou read the vampyre sat lost in his own thoughts. Dawn jumped as the vampyre growled and Lou stood up to answer the door.

“Easy, Gabriel” Lou smiled as he saw the landlord standing outside.

“Your escort is here” the man smiled.

Gabriel lit a cigarette as Madri and Jack sat down at the crude benches of the guesthouse.

“So,” Madri said looking at Lou “Dorian has said you can keep your powers.”

“Good.” Sylver snapped

“Don’t be too relieved.” Madri said disdainfully “only Lucifer is permitted in order to keep this creature visible.” Raph grinned at Sylver who snarled at him. Gabriel sighed and walked to a window at the front of the house.

“My lord.” a voice said Gabriel turned to see the drunk from earlier that day.

“Go away.” he snapped

“I know you.” the man said Gabriel glared at him.

“I don’t think so.” Gabriel said “go away.”

“your highness.” the drunk bowed. “I am at your service.”

“then piss off” Gabriel hissed as Dawn came over.

The End

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