Rude Welcome and Unexpected GuestsMature

Jack returned with Madri quickly, the old woman stood taller than Gabriel. Her hair was a shock of white curls that hung down her back her eyes were a pale grey. She looked around the group her face showing no emotion until she set eyes on Gabriel and Sylver

“Well,” she said her voice cold and brittle “twins.”

“Yes?” Sylver snapped.

“Powerful twins” she smiled ignoring Sylver's tone, she stepped forward and waved a hand. Gabriel choked as something cold tightened around his neck. “that should suffice.” Madri said turning away. Gabriel felt his throat close as he tried to loosen the collar.

“No” Dawn shouted as Sylver tried to stop Gabriel from panicking he could feel a collar around his own neck.

“What’s the problem?” Madri said unfazed “they're not tight.”

“He’s claustrophobic, you idiot.” Rossier shouted half catching Gabriel as he landed on his knees. Dawn gripped Gabriel's hands tightly pulling the sharp claws away from the vampyres neck. Blood had begun to drip down over the shining metal.

Madri looked slightly surprised and waved her hand the collar vanished and she gracefully knelt in front of Gabriel as he coughed.

“My apologies.” She said quietly “I did not know.”

“You did not ask.” Rossier spat Lou rested a hand on Rossier's shoulder.

“enough.” He said gently Rossier nodded glaring at the witch. Madri waved again and two cuffs appeared on Gabriel's wrists instead.

“Better?” she asked Gabriel nodded his throat still tight. Madri stood easily and looked at the others.

“Any other powerful mages amongst you?” she asked.

“no.” Lou said as she held his hands he felt his magick dull down to a low buzz.


Gabriel stayed close to Dawn as they were led out of the chamber. He froze, piercing light shone down from a clear blue sky and a light breeze blew in his face lifting the strands of hair that framed his face. He smiled and looked around his eyes taking in the city clearly they had arrived in the poorer quarters but despite the simple red brick houses and the gas lamps every few yards the street was immaculate. His eyes moved up a big hill that held mansions of white stone and at the top was the palace, made up of blue and black marble.

“It is five miles to the palace.” Madri informed them.

“Why can’t we see Dorian now?” Dawn asked Madri laughed lightly.

“His highness doesn’t like to rise before nightfall.” She said “so you will stay here.” She pointed to the red brick building that sat beside the entrance chamber. “And to inform you we do have other guests at present.”

“What other guests?” Lou asked warily.

“We are host to a few members of the Gentry.” Lou nodded and shot a warning look at Sylver who closed his mouth.


In the large dining hall that took up most of the ground floor of the guest house, four wooden benches had been pushed together for them all and the large landlord smiled as he informed them that food and drink were all being paid for by the king. Dawn just ordered a strong coffee and was cradling the mug in his hands his expression vacant.

“So what now?” Morgan asked Malachi sat beside her his wings wriggled occasionally as the fire behind them warmed his back.

“Now,” Lou said seriously “we watch our tongues.” He looked at Sylver “also we are wary of any Gentry.”




The End

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