Summerland's rulesMature

Gabriel's hand closed over the icy handle of the axe at his waist as they moved into a small chamber. The room looked big due to lack of furnishings and Gabriel noted uncomfortably how low the ceiling was.

A small, stocky woman moved towards them dressed in simple cotton clothes her hair cropped short, the gold that flashed at her wrist and neck and the silver bar that passed through the right side of her bottom lip implied wealth.

“Lucifer” she said gently but she didn’t smile.

“Jack” Lou took her hand, “good to see you again.”

“And yourself.” Jack did smile slightly “now,” she turned to the rest of the cold and dirty group. “it is midday but Dorian is…” she paused pulling a face “preoccupied. We have had rooms set up at the edge of town for you all.” Lou nodded “also any weapons will be left here and will be returned when you leave.” She looked around. “The magickal abilities of the males in the group will be bound.”

“What?” Sylver snapped “why?” Jack looked him up and down a look of contempt on her boyish features.

“You are, from this moment, second class citizens, therefore permission is required for magickal use.”

“Very well.” Lou said handing his sword to her “but Raph will need a means of staying visible.” Jack looked at the group and Raph waved a glowing hand at her.

“We will arrange something for the morning.” She said beckoning Raph to her the daemon obliged grinning widely. “I assume you are responsible for this?” she waved a hand at the bright vine of red magick that curled around the daemon.

“yes.” Lou nodded.

“Then until morning you keep your basic powers.”


Gabriel hung his axes on a bracket by the door then Jack took his hand, Gabriel felt his magick pull slightly and saw Jack frown.

“What?” he asked already knowing the problem.

“You’re powerful.” Jack muttered. “I cannot do this by myself.”

“There’s a few of us like it.” Gabriel said.

“Really?” Jack asked sounding intrigued now instead of bored.

“I must tell Madri, excuse me.” Gabriel nodded and she hurried away closing the door behind her.

“This is ridiculous.” Sylver snapped “we shouldn’t be agreeing to this.”

“Its precaution.” Lou said calmly “Dorian will unbind us when we reach the palace.” 

The End

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