Cold RevengeMature

Gabriel felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Wake up.” Dawn whispered Gabriel was about to tell the daemon off but Dawn's fingers curled gently over his mouth.

“Shhh” he muttered as Gabriel sat up frowning at him.

“What?” he mouthed then he saw the others all huddled by the door Malachi was with them his skin was grey and he shivered every now and again. “What’s going on?”

“Lou thinks we’re being followed.” Dawn said.

“By who?” Gabriel asked as they joined the group.

“No idea.” Dawn pressed his ear against the wooden door. “I can’t hear anything now.”

“Is everyone here?” Gabriel asked.

“I think so.” Lou nodded.

“Not quite” Raoul said “where's Raph?” everyone started to look around but the strange daemon was nowhere to be seen.

The door suddenly opened hitting Dawn in the head.

“What the hell?” Raph cried as Dawn grabbed him pulling him into the room and slamming the door.

“Where have you been?” Lou snarled

“I couldn’t sleep,” Raph said “so I went to make sure the paths clear.” Lou glared at him.

“You were told not to wander off.” He snapped.

“I didn’t” Raph shrugged “I wasn’t wandering and I came back.”  Lou levelled a finger at the daemons nose.

“Don’t get smart, Raph Colley.” Lou warned.

“I wasn’t,” Raph's smile was a wicked little one as Lou turned from him. “sir.” He added Lou growled.

“Seeing as we’re up” Lou sighed “let’s go.”


Gabriel had two t-shirts and a thick hoodie on his midnight blue coat zipped up to his chin, the cold still bit into him as they left the little room. he watched his breath mist in front of his face.

“How long will this take?” Rossier asked he was bundled in a thick jacket his hands deep in his pockets.

“Around half the time we took yesterday.” Lou said vaguely.


Four hours later, Gabriel and Dawn moved at the back of the group, Raph and Lou led the way. Gabriel looked at Dawn the daemon had his head down his mouth covered with a scarf, Gabriel sighed and carried on moving.


Lou stopped as a warm breeze hit his face.

“Okay,” he said his limbs felt heavy and tired “time for a break.”

“All this stopping,” Raph smiled sitting beside Lou “we’ll never get there.”

“We’re in no hurry Raph.” Lou said.
“Oh,” Raph said mildly “I thought everyone was in danger.”

“They are.” Lou growled “but we’re still in no hurry.”

“fine.” Raph drawled.

“Why is he here?” Maxwell asked holding his side as he sat down on Lou's other side.

“because.” Lou said sitting back against the cold wall he closed his eyes.

“Lou?” Dawn frowned as he wrapped an arm around Gabriel's shoulders, rubbing the vampyres arm to try and warm him up.

“I'm fine” Lou said waving a hand dismissively. “Just tired and cold.” Dawn nodded.

“Is it warmer here?” Raoul asked sitting beside Gabriel.

“Not for me.” Gabriel growled his knees pulled up beneath his chin his arms wrapped around his legs.

“No it is.” Sylver smiled “its warmer.” Lou nodded slowly sitting forward.

“It is warmer, we’re nearly there” he took a mug from Berith.

“Dawn can you light a fire?” Berith asked handing out the rest of the mugs.

“I’ll try.” Dawn raised a hand and without effort a deep crimson fire blazed Raph pulled his legs back.

“Do not roast me please.” He drawled “I promise that I don’t taste good.” Balthazar leant over.

“We could test that theory for you.” Raph scrambled away and Rossier snorted with laughter.

“Serves you right.” Morgan laughed.






The End

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