Dream and SighsMature

Lou moved quickly catching Malachi as the daemon collapsed Morgan lifted his face as he hung in Lou's arms.

“Morgan.” Lou grunted hefting the small daemon up over his shoulder “how long has he been using his magick?”

“Since we left the elevator I think.” Morgan moved behind Lou to see Malachi’s face the unconscious daemons eyes were half open as he hung upside down.

“burnout.” Berith said from the other side of him. “Excuse the pun” she smiled but Morgan didn’t look up.

“Come on.” Lou said tiredly.


Lou lay Malachi down on one of the crude bunks after Deacon had stripped the dust sheets from the thin mattress.

“Alright,” Lou said “shows over, everyone get some rest.” The small crowd moved away and Dawn looked around for Gabriel to find the vampyre at the far end of the room.

“Hey,” he said quietly moving up behind him.

“Hm” Gabriel muttered as he stripped the plastic sheeting from the bunk he wanted then sat down lighting a cigarette.

“You okay?” Dawn yawned sitting down on his own bunk around two feet from Gabriel's. The vampyre nodded at him.

“I'm fine,” he said as Lou turned a handle on a mess of exposed copper piping the pipes groaned and everyone jumped as a gout of steam sprayed up from the valve.

Berith was bent over Malachi holding his hand.

“He’ll be fine.” She smiled at Morgan. “As long as his core temperature doesn't drop too low.”


Gabriel could hear thunder and he sniffed as the sky overhead darkened then flashed blinding him for an instant. Pulling his hood up he carried on walking his head down against the freezing rain. A loud clap of thunder made him jump.


Gabriel sat bolt upright in bed his heart racing.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said he was sat in bed with a steaming coffee, Berith was perched on the end of the bed. On the bunk above them Sylver slept soundly.

“Bad dream?” Berith asked

“No, not really.” Gabriel sighed he jumped as Balthazar's thunderous snore shook the floor. “That’s why.” Gabriel growled.

“Why what?” Dawn asked but Gabriel rolled over to face the wall the thin blanket pulled up over his exposed ear.

Dawn smiled sadly at Berith who patted the daemons foot.

“Just wait until he gets settled somewhere,” she said “when he's safe he’ll be less irritable.”

“Is there such a place?” Dawn asked Berith chuckled humourlessly.

“Perhaps,” she said “and I wouldn’t mind living there too, if we can find it.”

The End

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