A Promise of ComfortMature

“What was that?” Daryll asked.

“She’s a seer.” Dawn said quietly not voicing the fact that jules words had unnerved him, he felt Gabriel shift beside him and looked down to see Gabriel’s pale face.

Twenty minutes later they were on the move again Jules walked silently beside Lou and Raph.

Gabriel tugged the hood on his coat up and saw Dawn shiver, behind them Gabriel felt magick buzzing lightly.

“This is ridiculous.” Raoul said after a few hours the vampyre couldn’t feel his fingers, his cheeks were pink and his teeth chattered as he spoke.

“We’re nearly there.” Lou said

“You mean at the…” daryll stopped looking for the word. “The place we’re going?” Lou smiled

“The Summerland’s” he said “no, not yet.” we’re stopping at the miner’s camp.”

“Which is where?” Dawn asked

“Around two miles.” Raph said “rooms that are basically a pit stop for the workers and are very basically furnished I might add.”

“How many rooms?” Gabriel asked.

“Two” Lou said “with ten bunks each.”

“Bunks?” Gabriel growled his chest was aching as his lungs protested the cold air.

“Yes,” Lou said “and they’re heated.”

“How?” Sylver asked.

“Hot springs, from above.” Lou said “I had pipes installed.”

“Good” Gabriel said thinking longingly of a nice hot shower.

The End

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