Prophecies in the Dark and ColdMature

Gabriel groaned as Dawn shifted

“Come on, sleeping beauty.” Dawn said quietly.

“I’m not asleep.” Gabriel growled sitting up he tried to rub some warmth into his arms, Dawn smiled.

“Here,” Berith said passing him a mug he moved to give it to Dawn. “No, that’s yours.” Berith said quickly.

“A few of us donated.” Lou said holding his arm up Gabriel saw the crude but clean bandage.

Gabriel looked into the mug savouring the warmth over the tempting smell that seemed to tug at his senses.

“Here, Dawn” Berith said “I made it strong, I noticed you didn’t sleep much.” Dawn nodded his thanks the strong black coffee made him smile.

“So whose in here?” Gabriel asked after he’d drained the mug.

“Me,” Lou said “Berith, as her blood seems to agree with Maxwell, Balthazar and Rossier.” Gabriel looked at the four daemons.

“Thanks,” he said the other vampyres in the group said their thanks too.

“How was it?” Berith asked.

“Not bad,” Gabriel smiled sitting back as his body buzzed pleasantly.

“Good,” Sylver agreed.

“I knew I tasted good” rossier grinned Gabriel growled but it was Raph who moved first, his light visible arm wrapped around Rossier’s shoulder and he leaned in.

“Maybe we could test that theory?” he purred menacingly into Rossier’s ear the daemon shuddered and his skin darkened as his magick flared. Berith scooted away as Lou’s arm flew up Raph rose swiftly into the air dropping Rossier and his blanket.

“Your conditions are clear Raph.” Lou said the daemon just shrugged making no attempt to get free of Lou’s hold.

“I remember” he smiled.

“Good.” Lou snapped closing his fist Raph dropped to the floor landing in a heap. Rossier’s skin remained a deep blue until Berith handed him another drink when it started to pale slightly.

“So what’s this place like?” Raoul asked quietly when everyone was settled again.

“I remember sun and parties.” Lou said “but it has been a while since I’ve seen the Summerland’s.” Lou said slowly his eyes were fixed in Jules. Gabriel and Dawn heard it first as jules began to hum Dawn reached out and brushed her arm.

“Jules?” he said quietly, her eyes flicked to look at Gabriel.

“Be careful” she said “the flame in the form of woman will burn.”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned Dawn stroked the back of the vampyres neck.

“Shh” he said

“Trust the gifts of the outcasts, the witch will burn and one of your numbers will be lost.” jules’ head dropped back against the stone wall and her body began to twitch slightly her eyes rolling back.

“Jules.” Lou moved quickly griping her shoulder and gently took the back of her head. “Take it easy.”

The End

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