Rest StopMature

“Okay, guys.” Lou called from the front of the group “time to stop.”

“I thought we carried on.” Raph said.
“We cant walk forever.” Lou said sitting down beside Deacon as the daemon pulled Sylver down onto his lap.

“How sweet.” Raph sniggered as he noticed them, stars flashed in front of his eyes as Gabriel’s solid claws connected with the side of his head forcing his teeth to close on the tip of his tongue.

“Hey,” he snarled spitting black blood out onto the tunnel floor.

“Keep your mouth shut,” Gabriel snarled his words were slow Sylver looked gratefully at his twin as Deacon glared at Raph.

“Please,” Lou sighed wearily. “No fighting.”

Gabriel sat down his eyes fixed on Raph as the daemon settled between Van Hay and Berith.

“Did everyone listen when I said about bringing a blanket?” Lou asked the only one who hadn’t was Jules but dressed in a thin t-shirt and crimson jeans she didn’t seem to mind the cold.

Dawn smiled as Gabriel overlapped his blanket with Dawn's own and the daemon wrapped an arm around the shivering creature beside him. Dawn bit his cheek hard as Raoul sat the other side of Gabriel so close the both vampyres hips touched.

“Can we have a fire?” Berith asked as she settled her blanket over herself and Maxwell. “a drink will warm everyone up.” Dawn brought his hand up concentrating on the space in the centre of their large circle, nothing happened. He frowned at his hand and tried again but the fire that usually flared inside him seemed to have shrunk down against the cold.

“Allow me.” Malachi said letting Morgan go and flicking his hand a deep blue fire rose up and he sat back.

“Thanks” Dawn muttered still frowning at his own hand.

“Dawn,” Gabriel turned his head to the daemon.

“What is it?” Dawn frowned as Gabriel shivered.

“You’re bleeding.” Gabriel mumbled Dawn ran his tongue over the sore tear in his mouth.

“Sorry” he said Gabriel smiled lightly.

“S’okay” he yawned wriggling slightly so he was curled up against the daemons side his head resting on Dawn's chest.

“Now that is sweet,” Sylver smiled from opposite them.

“It's called staying warm and getting some sleep.” Gabriel snapped “so shut up.”

“Gabriel,” Berith said handing a mug to him.

“I don’t,” Gabriel said.

“I know,” she smiled “its for Dawn could you pass it over.”

“Oh,” the vampyre pressed the hot coffee into Dawn's hand before curling back up and closing his eyes.

The End

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