Getting to Know Each Other in an ElevatorMature

Berith pulled a stack of light metal mugs from her bag along with tea and coffee.

“Do we have a water mage?“ she asked,

A few minutes later and everyone had a tea or coffee in their hands except the vampyres.

“Sorry guys,” Berith said “I didn’t bring anything for you.”

“We’re carrying blood supplies” Dawn said

“Where?” rossier asked glancing nervously at Gabriel who was sat beside him. Dawn and the others just turned to look at him. “Not me” he cried in mock surprise Gabriel gripped the back of his neck and his mockery changed to real shock as the vampyre pulled him close.

“I don’t eat junk food” the vampyre hissed still uncomfortable in the small space “Daryll does though.” Daryll grinned and Gabriel pushed Rossier away Raph laughed wickedly.

“I like him.” he sniggered looking at Gabriel avidly

“I thought you might.” Lou said dryly as he wrapped both of his hands around his mug his fingers had begun to sting as the air grew colder.

The elevator ground to a halt around twenty minutes later and everyone shivered as cold stale air seeped into the little room. Gabriel pulled his coat off and tugged a thick hoodie on then zipped his coat back up. Around him the others were doing the same adding extra layers as their breath misted in the chill air.

“Does it warm up at all?” Maxwell asked the vampyre was still pale and a protective hand rested over the wound on his stomach.

“Not really” Raph said “to keep warm, you keep moving,”

Gabriel felt his ears slowly go numb as they walked and he pulled the hood on his coat up. Looking sideways he saw Dawn walking with his hands tucked under his arms to try and keep his fingers warm, his black wings pulled tight to his back.

The End

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