Introductions and PhobiasMature


The tunnel sloped slightly as they walked and every few yards Lou flicked a casual hand and the next torch flared to life the ones behind them flicked out one by one.

Gabriel found himself counting his footsteps concentrating on his feet rather than the darkness closing in behind them. Dawn looked at him a few times before moving to him and silently slipping his hand into Gabriel's own. The vampyre squeezed slightly in silent thanks his blue eyes fixed on his boots.

“Okay,” Lou said loudly, Gabriel jumped and looked up losing count of his steps he released Dawn's hand quickly. For the first time he noticed the stale air around them and his throat tightened a little further he looked up as the ceiling seemed to lower his head automatically dropped down.

“Gabriel?” Sylver said from behind seeing his brother recoil Gabriel looked around and the rocky ceiling receded.

“Hm?” he said vaguely.

“alright?” Sylver said.

“fine.” Gabriel said his nod was a little too energetic and Sylver frowned but didn’t push.

They seemed to heave reached a dead end and Gabriel looked around his gaze avoiding the ceiling.

“What were they mining?” Raoul asked “this looks too clean for a mining tunnel.”

“And too big.” Raph seemed to smile as he sat down against the wall that blocked their way “sit down, take a load off.” He grinned his freaky smile glowed in the dim light.

“It’s not a mining tunnel.” Lou said moving to Sylver and Deacon at the back of the group. “If you could move past the line?” Sylver looked down and moved slowly past the seam in the floor. Lou moved and pulled a hand lever on the wall a metal grill slammed down behind them and they all jumped apart from Raph and Lou.

“I always thought it did that to make sure we were awake for work.” Raph laughed as the others looked around the small room shuddered and began to lower into the floor with a loud grinding sound.

Gabriel moaned miserably as he saw the cut rock outside the grill moving and he closed his eyes.

“Now, we’re going into the tunnels.” Raph said almost sounding cheerful. Gabriel growled low in his chest but the Lou grating sound around them drowned it out.

“Take a seat guys,” Lou said “this takes a while. Gabriel was the first to sink to his knees Dawn sat behind him pulling the vampyre back into a normal sitting position. Gabriel was mouthing something to himself his eyes still closed.

“Gabriel?” Dawn wrapped an arm around Gabriel's shoulders he could feel the small tremors running through the small frame.

“So?” Raph said lounging back against the wall his odd features, lit by Lou's magick, showed he was still smiling. “Who is everyone?”


“And that’s Gabriel.” Lou said finally Raph sat forward his dark eyes on the vampyre, they seemed to be the only part of the strange daemon that was real. Gabriel's own blue eyes were open but his breaths were sharp and fast.

“Gabriel,” Raph almost purred “Black-Lightning?”

“Yes,” Gabriel snapped “problem?

“I'm crazy Gabriel,” Raph said calmly “I don’t have a death wish it cost a little more than I have to piss you off.”

“You’re doing a good job.” Gabriel growled.

“I try.” Raph grinned again and looked around. “has anyone got food?”  








The End

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