Unsavoury Travelling CompanionsMature

Lou stopped around an hour later turning to the rest of them, beside him Raph stopped but didn’t turn.

“What now?” Sylver asked looking up at the rocky tunnel lit by burning oil lamps. Gabriel saw Lou's eyes pick him out of the crowd.

“Now,” Lou said “I'm going to be very unpopular. At the palace there are doubles of us, so we won’t be missed for a while, its does, however mean that we must leave unnoticed.”

“By teleport?” Morgan asked Lou shook his head slowly.

“No, teleports can be traced and I cant make a new one everyone would know.” Lou sighed “we’re leaving via the east route.”

“Which is?” Gabriel growled his throat was already feeling tight even in the large airy tunnel.

“The mining tunnels.” Lou said

“Why?” Sylver shouted “there must be another…”

“There’s not.” Lou snapped “I'm sorry but this is the only direct route to the Summerland's, no teleports.”

“The Summerland's.” Sylver's face paled in the yellow light.

“What’s the Summerland's?” Morgan asked.

“witches.” Sylver spat Lou looked at him in slight surprise.

“I didn’t know you were racist Sylver.” He said lightly.

“I'm not.” The vampyre growled “I just don’t like witches.”

“Then you'll love this trip.” Raph chuckled “just like a nice holiday.” He started to walk again.

“Like I said before.” Rossier said “there are daemons that make me look angelic.” Raph turned and walked backwards for a few steps looking at Rossier.

“On the contrary.” He said grinning. “I'm a bastard you're an asshole, completely different things.” Rossier snorted a small smile on his face.

“True,” he said “very true.” At the rear of the group Gabriel looked at Dawn.
“This is going to be fun.” He growled Dawn nodded.


The End

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