Invisible Friend?Mature

Lou stopped outside one of the cells and the group all looked trying to find the inhabitant.

“It’s very rude to stare.” A voice snapped everyone but Dawn, Lou and Jules jumped. Gabriel watched as a comic book was raised just over the bed as if someone was laying there reading it. The vampyre frowned and his eyes flicked to the other side of the cell a simple wooden chair caught his eye something about it bothered him. “I like you.” The disembodied voice said “you.” The chair moved slightly and Lou flicked a switch beside the cell and the little room was cast in a deep red light. A thin figure was getting up from the chair the only parts of his body that were visible was where the red light touched his skin. His dark eyes though were black and they were fixed on Gabriel as he moved to the bars his thin fingers wrapped around the metal.

“Everyone,” Lou said “this is Raph.”

“And why is he coming?” Sylver growled.

“Because I say so.” Lou said firmly.

“There you have it” Raph grinned his sharp teeth looked bloody in the red light. “Because he says so.” His eyes flicked disinterested over the group he looked at Maxwell disdainfully then they almost lit up as he looked at Gabriel. His eyes looked the vampyre up and down Gabriel shifted and Dawn set his hands on his shoulders.

“Raph,” Dawn said “we can see you, you know.”

“Don’t I know it?” Raph chuckled his eyes moving to Dawn. “You’ve grown.”

“Not really.” Dawn said

“You’re certainly not the kid I met before.” Raph said as Lou opened the cell door.

“Hang on,” Sylver said “he's obviously in there for a reason.”

“Yes,” Lou snapped “he is, its my reason and now he's being released on the conditions that I have set.”

“Which are?” Sylver snarled.

“Nosy little bastard, isn’t he?”  Raph grinned stepping out of the cell into the yellow light of the corridor he vanished again. Lou's hand moved gripping an invisible arm. A band of red light wrapped around the daemons neck lighting his face from beneath.

“Now that’s creepy.” Dawn shivered.

“hm.” Lou nodded gripping Raph again the red collar grew curling down his chest, arms and legs, finishing at his wrists and ankles.

“Very pretty.” Raph smiled he looked up and his smile faded into a sneer.

“Well,” he moved towards Deacon “long time no see.” He laughed “this is a nice reunion.” Sylver felt the small daemon beside him tense up his fists curled.

“Deacon,” Lou said warningly.

“Not forgiven me yet?” Raph laughed Lou's grip on the back of his neck stopped the daemon moving and Raph winced.

“You are going back in there if you don’t behave.” Raph smiled up at Lou. “Deacon walk with Sylver. Raph keep your distance and you mouth shut. Clear?”

“Crystal.” Raph nodded as best he could Lou let him go.

“Are we going now?” Dawn asked over the general chatter of the others.

“What was that about?” Gabriel heard Sylver whisper behind him.

“It doesn’t matter.” Deacon replied curtly. “Its ancient history.” Gabriel looked quickly at Dawn who walked beside him but the large daemon shook his head.  

The End

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