Extras and IllusionsMature

Gabriel groaned as his mind decided it was time to wake up, he moved slightly and felt fingers bury themselves deeper in his hair.

“Dawn, get off.” He muttered automatically.

“Gabriel,” Lou said quietly “Dawn's asleep,” Gabriel looked up seeing Lou sat beside the bed. “Get some more rest Dawn and I have been up all night I'm going to bed now.” Gabriel twisted as much as he could to see Dawn's face the daemon was fast asleep dark shadows under his closed eyes. Gabriel sighed and moved again to see the clock and he groaned it was almost five thirty the vampyre growled and pulled the covers up over his head. Lou chuckled quietly and moved, stretching he walked to the door.


At midday the large group of daemons and vampyres stood in the throne room.

“Where’s Terese?” Sylver asked as Berith fussed over Maxwell, the vampyre looked slightly better his cheeks had a light pink tinge to them but he still shivered in the thick coat he wore.

“Terese and her group left yesterday,” Lou said “they're speaking to Dorian about supplies and the like.”

“Dorian?” Daryll frowned.

“Their king.” Lou said “Danu and her group have gone home too. Now enough questions.” He hefted his bag up onto his back and looked around “Is everyone here?”

“No” a voice snapped and Gabriel looked around to see Morgan. “what about mum and Lewis?” she moved through the crowd. “they wont know where we are.” She growled looking up at Lou.

“My scouts are still searching for them Morgan.” Lou said gently “they cant get here alone Amarantine hasn’t got the power, unless they find a teleport which is unlikely.” Morgan looked fiercely at him a moment longer her five foot frame looked almost comical as she glared up at Lou's six foot five build. Then she turned and stalked back to Chrys who quickly squeezed her hand without saying a word.


Gabriel frowned as they descended yet another thin staircase, he swore they had gone below ground level but without windows in the narrow passages they traversed he couldn’t be sure.

“Lou, where are we going?” Sylver spoke first.

“The gaol.” Lou said “we have another person to pick up.”

“What?” Gabriel frowned looking back to make sure the redheaded woman was still with them. “I thought Jules was the only extra.”

“She is,” Lou smiled “but Raph was always going to come with us.”


Lou led the group down to a small iron gate, the large daemon looked through his pockets bringing a large ring of keys. Unlocking the door he tucked them away again and rested his hand on the bars, the gate disappeared leaving the way clear. Lou laughed at the look on their faces as they walked through then he moved through still holding the bars he could feel and let go. The gate reappeared and Lou locked it again.

“What?” Sylver growled watching him carefully, Lou chuckled as he moved to the front of the group again. Sylver reached out and touched the cold seemingly solid iron gate. 

The End

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