Memories of the Future from the PastMature

Gabriel watched Lou's hand come up and pinch the bridge of his nose as he spoke to Jules.

“What’s going on?” Dawn asked.

“She wants to come with us.” Gabriel said dully not taking his eyes from Lou.

“Why?” Morgan frowned.

“Change of scenery.” Gabriel said.

“Huh?” Dawn asked.

“That’s what she told me.” Gabriel shrugged he sat back and lit a cigarette.

“Do you mind?” Sylver said.

“What?” Gabriel growled.

“This is a dinner table, put that out.”

“No ones eating.” Dawn said

“I am.” Sylver tapped a finger on the black glass bottle in front of him.

“tough.” Gabriel said as Lou came back to the table.

“okay.” he said “we have an extra coming with us.”

“What?” Rossier was the first to speak the others followed suit quickly.

“She’ll be useful.” Lou growled.

“Will you tell us where we’re going now?” Daryll asked.

“not until we've left” Lou said “for now, I want everyone to get some sleep and for all our sakes can anyone who needs to eat, feed whatever you call it” his eyes stopped on Gabriel who glared back defiantly. “Also by all means arm yourselves tomorrow but keep in mind that when we arrive we will be disarmed.”

“Even me?” Gabriel sniggered Lou frowned at him.

“I think natural weapons are permitted.” He said calmly.


“Natural.” Gabriel scoffed he and Dawn were back in the bedroom.

“They are.” Dawn said stripping his boots off he began to undress.

“They don’t feel it.” Gabriel said flexing his claws he changed quickly for bed ignoring Dawn who kept glancing at him from the bed.

“hey.” Dawn said as Gabriel settled down his back facing the daemon. “Forgetting something?”

“no.” Gabriel growled.

“You haven’t fed properly for ages.” Dawn frowned Gabriel sighed.

“fine.” The vampyre muttered not moving, Dawn smiled and moved his arm bending uncomfortably around Gabriel's side.

“I can’t reach from here, you'll have to move.” He said Gabriel growled deeply and turned over.


Gabriel's head rested on Dawn’s chest his hand laying on the daemons ribcage and he slept in the same position he'd been when he fed. Dawn watched him carefully, not looking up as someone knocked softly and Lou opened the door just enough to look in.

“How are you both?” Lou said keeping his voice down.

“Not bad.” Dawn said.

“He’s asleep already?” Lou asked coming over, Dawn nodded stroking the vampyres hair lightly. “Feeding from me exhausts him.” Lou nodded.

“Do you know when we’re leaving yet?” Dawn asked.

“Tomorrow for definite,” Lou said “Maxwell's on the mend, but I don’t know what time it'll be.” Lou sat down leaning back he ran his hand over his hair making it stand up.

“What is it?”

“I don’t want it broadcast that we’re going.” Lou said Dawn watched him for a moment waiting for more.


“So, Verrine's realm is shut and the teleports are closed down or messed up the only other discreet way is the gaol.” Dawn frowned at the word. “Do you remember anything about it?” Lou asked as he saw the look.

“A little,” Dawn nodded “I remember Raph.” Lou laughed quietly.

“Everyone remembers Raph.” He smiled.

“Past his cell was Deacon’s” Dawn said “and…” he paused. “Jules”

“Yes,” Lou nodded “you’ve met Jules before.”

“She’s a seer.” Dawn said as if he needed to speak aloud to remember.

“Since I've been gone it appears she's pulled herself together enough to be let out.” Lou said. in Dawn's mind he saw the woman dressed in red standing behind the bars of her cell her eyes blank as she saw flashes of the past or future never coming into the present enough to be released. The woman’s red nailed hand gripped his own through the bars. Pulling him closer she saw him clearly.

“The planes are shifting.” She had said “war comes to all.” Dawn was unable to stop the shiver as the memory of the seer’s words made his blood run cold. Against his chest Gabriel groaned his claws digging into the daemons stomach. Dawn hissed gripping Gabriel's wrist he pulled the sharp claws away.

“Dawn,” Gabriel murmured his voice thick with sleep. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, sweetheart.” Dawn whispered “go back to sleep.” Gabriel sniffed and buried his face in the daemons chest closing his eyes again. Lou smiled wearily.

“She’s been normal for around four years,” he continued “well, as normal as a seer could be.”

“So why does she want to come?” Dawn asked.  



The End

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