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Dawn groaned as he opened his eyes and Lou was sat beside him. Dawn's hands came up gripping his pounding head tightly. Lou took one of his hands and forced a warm mug into it.

“What’s that?” Dawn asked as he smelled the bitter scent of herbs.

“Just drink it it'll help.” Lou said seeing his son wincing against the bright light that flooded the room. Dawn took one mouthful and spat it back into the cup.

“That’s disgusting.” he spluttered the bitter taste seemed to burn his tongue.

“It’s your own fault.” Lou said “Veman told me how much you drank and Berith gave me her hangover cure, I knew you'd need it, now drink it.” Lou looked up “and keep your noise down.”

“Why?” Dawn moaned as he took another mouthful he fought to swallow it. Lou nodded at the bed beside him. Dawn turned with the mug careful not to spill the contents. He froze as he saw Gabriel fast asleep his pale face and light hair stood stark against the dark pillow his clawed hand rested just in front of his nose.

“He looks…” Dawn paused and Lou waited a moment.

“What?” he whispered smiling slightly.

“peaceful.” Dawn said gently he pushed the few stray stands of hair from the vampyres face and sighed as the perfectly smooth skin creased into a frown for a moment, the claws twitched.

“He’s a heavy sleeper until someone touches him.” Lou said he sat back as Dawn looked at the vampyre.

“I know” he said “he's always been the same.”

“Dawn,” Lou said his voice low. “You’re worried about him.” Dawn sighed.

“As Gabriel says, I'm always worried about him.” Dawn said “but lately he's been blowing hot and cold so often that I'm getting confused.”

“I do honestly think that he wants to be closer to you.” Lou said.

“But?” Dawn frowned looking at his father.

“But he's in pain and he hates the situation he's in and he hates those.” Lou pointed at the claws near the pale face.

“I don’t.” Dawn said.

“I know that,” Lou smiled “but I think he's scared of hurting whatever he touches.” Dawn nodded slowly.

“That would make sense.” He said “but he’ll never admit it.”

“No,” Lou said lightly “and maybe it makes him angry, but give him time.”

“I have.” Dawn growled.

“you’ve given him a few years to get used to what he is,” Lou laughed quietly “and in that time he has gotten closer to you just not as much as you'd hoped, give him time.” Dawn was about to snap an answer back to his father but quickly his mind told him that Lou was right he looked back at Gabriel and Lou quickly rested a hand on his sons shoulder then he left not saying anything more.

The End

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