A Little Too FriendlyMature

“Hey” Dawn smiled putting his book down.

“Hey yourself,” Gabriel replied “get your damn boots off my bed.” He growled as he searched for a clean shirt. Dawn stood and moved to the vampyre wrapping his arms around him, he didn’t seem to care as the wet braid instantly soaked his t-shirt.

“Get off.” Gabriel growled.

“What if I say no?” Dawn whispered his mouth near the vampyres neck the silver piercing in Gabriel's ear pressed against his cheek. Gabriel's back arched as Dawn's fingers dug into one of the larger scars on his chest and he growled in pain.

“You’ve been drinking.” Gabriel grimaced as he smelt the daemon.

“I have.” Dawn laughed “but only a bit.”

“A bit with you could be half a bottle.” Gabriel snarled “now, get off.” Dawn loosened his grip slightly and Gabriel twisted in his arms. He regretted his move as Dawn's arms tightened again leaving him face to face with the drunken daemon.

“You are gorgeous.” Dawn grinned.

“Get off me, right now.” Gabriel snapped.

“Give me a good reason.” Dawn said almost lifting Gabriel off his feet. The vampyres sharp claws wrapped around Dawn's throat the sharp tips pressing into the soft flesh.

“I’ll give you three.” Gabriel said his fury made his eyes blaze and Dawn smiled putting him down he let go. Gabriel released him and retrieved the hoodie he'd dropped on the floor. Dawn watched with interest as Gabriel pulled it on.

“I wonder,” Dawn smiled “how long it will take for me to get that off you again.”

“Dawn,” Gabriel said tiredly “you're drunk, get out.”

“I am not drunk.” Dawn said indignantly “so you can’t kick me out.”

“I will kick your ass out of the door if you don’t do it yourself.” Gabriel snapped, Dawn sighed.

“Let me stay?” he said his head was beginning to swim slightly and he swayed. Gabriel looked at him unsure if the daemon would even reach his own room as Dawn leant to far to his left and staggered to stay upright.

“Only if you go to sleep and don’t come near me.” Gabriel said firmly Dawn reached out to him. “And keep your hands to yourself.” Gabriel added.


Dawn looked at the wings and back that faced him and sighed laying back.

“Dawn?” Gabriel muttered “what's wrong?” Gabriel shifted slightly “you’ve been wriggling about for nearly an hour.”

“I don’t think you want to know.” Dawn said sadly.

“Don’t I?” Gabriel rolled over having to sit up slightly to move his wings to the other side, Dawn looked at him and in the dim light Gabriel's eyes looked dark.

“I'm sorry.” Dawn said “I can’t help it.”

“Help what?” Gabriel propped himself up on one elbow.

“Annoying you.” Dawn said looking away “I always annoy you.”

“Everyone annoys me, Dawn. What makes you nay different?” Dawn looked at him to see a small smile on the vampyres tired face.

“I don’t want too though.” He settled his hand on Gabriel's face looking at him sadly.

“I don’t know Dawn.” Gabriel said he didn’t move still smelling the JD on Dawn's breath “I just know that I don’t much like you when you're drunk.”

“I know” Dawn said feeling a little ashamed of the two bottles he had finished in the privacy of Lou's storage room. “I knew that when I started drinking and I still did it. I'm sorry.” He said again, Gabriel sighed.

“Don’t be.” He said quietly “just get some sleep and when your hangovers worn off we can talk.” Dawn smiled hopefully and leant up kissing Gabriel's cheek. The vampyre forced himself not to wince or move away as Dawn reached up wrapping his arms around Gabriel gently, burying his face against the vampyres shoulder he breathed in the smell of soap and ozone and he smiled laying back. Gabriel saw the wistful little smile and returned it.

“Goodnight Dawn.” He said settling back down.

“Goodnight.” Dawn said quietly as he saw Gabriel close his eyes.

The End

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