The PlanMature

In the infirmary Lou looked at Maxwell for a moment before turning to the group gathered in the quiet room.

“I take it we’re leaving.” Sylver said.

“It seems so.” Lou nodded “after this and the other incidents I have realized I can’t keep you all safe here.” Gabriel sat back in is chair his arms folded.

“So where are we going?” Berith asked as her fingers held tightly to Maxwell's hand.

“I'm not saying, but Terese has offered us a safe house.” he nodded to one of the shapeshifters who had helped catch Sylver's double. Terese was a tall but stocky woman her brown eyes looked at them searching for something.

“We can house you for a short while.” She said suddenly. “Our king has agreed.”

“Your king?” Raoul frowned his voice surprised Gabriel started a little and looked at Raoul he hadn’t really seen the vampyre since their arrival in Hell.

“Yes,” Terese said firmly “our king.”

“What I meant,” Raoul snapped “is, I thought Lou was in charge of all the daemons.” Terese snorted.
“He is.” She growled back at him he stood as she stepped closer to him.

“enough.” Lou snarled then with a quick glance at Maxwell he sat down again. “we need to be ready, in a week we move.”

“A week?” Dawn asked Lou nodded.

“We need to make sure everyone is themselves and that Maxwell is at least awake so we can move him.” Lou looked at the faces around him as they slowly began to nod in agreement.


Gabriel stepped out of the shower tugging on a pair of tracksuit bottoms he grimaced as they stuck to his wet skin.


For the first time since that morning he saw Dawn, the daemon was laying on his bed and looked up as Gabriel emerged from the bathroom. 

The End

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