Maxwell meandered down the corridor, it was dark and he sighed as he looked at the watch. A plain little thing that Dawn had picked up for him on earth. It was three am and he wasn’t tired. He stopped to look out of one of the many huge windows that looked out over the city over fifty feet below. Someone moved near him and he turned his black hair whipping his cheek, he relaxed as he saw Berith moving up towards him.

“Hey,” she smiled he looked back out of the window for a moment then back at her.

“hi.” He smiled too.
“Something wrong?” she asked lightly he dropped the smile.

“How did you guess?” he said as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Just a thought.” She said Maxwell's head turned as he heard someone else behind him and started as he saw Berith walking down the corridor. Turning back in shocked confusion he looked at the daemon that held his waist and grunted as the knife slid up under his ribs.


The shapeshifter vanished and Maxwell dropped to his knees holding his side, blood poured between his fingers and his body jerked as Berith ran over kneeling beside him.

“Lou” she shouted her voice cut through his head as she took his shoulders and gently lay him down pressing her own hand over the wound as his own arms dropped to the carpet twitching as tremors ran through him.  


Lou pushed the rage in his mind back as he cleaned the vampyre up Maxwell was out cold his usually tanned skin pale, around his eyes was the same blue that tinted his lips. Lou had ordered the vampyres brothers and Dawn to wait outside, but Berith had refused to leave and sat clutching one of the vampyres cold hands.


Gabriel sat perfectly still as Sylver paced Daryll fiddled with his t-shirt bunching it in his fist then letting go. Even Tairas kept shifting in his seat, the usually serene vampyre looked edgy and worried. Dawn kept looking at Gabriel waiting for the concern for his brother to wane and the cold fury to come crashing down on everyone.

The door to the infirmary opened and Lou stepped out his face solemn everyone looked up.

“I've done what I can” he said seriously “it’s up to him now.”

“Can we go in?” Sylver asked practically jumping on the balls of his feet.

“One of you.” Lou said “I don’t want him waking up and getting too excited yet, he's got a lot of stitches and he's lost a lot of blood.”

“And you say that with Berith in there.” Daryll hiccupped his dull humour masking his concern, Lou smiled tiredly.  

“She’s behaving.” He chuckled “go on Sylver, the rest of you get some sleep, stay in pairs.” Even Gabriel nodded as he and Dawn stood. “Promise?” Lou growled looking at Gabriel.

“Promise.” The vampyre said “until morning at least.” Lou looked at his watch and sighed, it was half six but he didn’t press the matter knowing he wouldn’t win. 

The End

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