“My lord” he bowed slightly.

“Sorcha” Lou nodded a smile on his face he stood and moved down the stairs to the daemon.

“We’ve found him.” Sorcha said quietly.


Gabriel looked at the two figures in the chair, two pairs of green eyes stared back at him. He turned away shaking his head his mind unable to work out which one was Sylver.

“So which one is real?” Lou asked

“No idea,” one of the shapeshifters behind him said “I'm not even sure I'm me” he sniggered.

“Button it Freddy.” Berith snarled Gabriel looked at the short, ratty little daemon.

“I don’t believe you played me.”

“I don’t play at anything.” Freddy smiled the grin was almost feral and Gabriel sneered turning back to the two captured vampyres.

“Gabriel?” Lou said “any ideas?” Gabriel moved walking around the two vampyres everything about them was perfect from what he could see.

“No” he said “let one speak.” Lou released the left ones mouth from its magickal bonds.

“What is going on?” the vampyre spat.”

“Well,” Lou said “my plan worked.”

“What plan?” Sylver growled.

“To catch a shapeshifter, use one.” Gabriel smiled.

“Well find out who he is then.” Sylver snapped his eyes flicking to the double beside him, Gabriel looked at the unbound vampyre then turned to the other one.

“Its him.” he said Lou looked at Gabriel in question. “That's Sylver.”  Gabriel pointed at the gagged vampyre Lou moved a hand and the ties fell Sylver stood and hugged his brother.

“What?” the other one cried Gabriel grinned at him over Sylver's shoulder.

“Now,” Lou said to the shapeshifter “change back.”

“I can’t” he snarled Lou sighed bringing a hand up flames curled around his fingers, he knelt down in front of the chair.
“I don’t like torture but I am quite willing to use it when necessary.” He said calmly. “Now, change back.” The shapeshifters head suddenly dropped back as he struggled for breath.

“Lou?” Dawn hurried forward as Lou stood up.

“It’s not me.” Lou snapped gripping the choking daemon, an ear splitting bang sent Lou flying back into the bookshelves. Gabriel blinked as the flash that accompanied the bang blinded him.


“Lou,” Dawn shouted jumping over the fallen chair and piles of books he hurried to his father’s side. Lou sat up slowly pushing the books from on top of him. He groaned, blood dripping down the side of his face. Dawn pulled him up steadying him.

“Someone once told me that books are good for your head.” Lou said groggily then he sniggered as they walked slowly back to the two empty chairs.

“He teleported?” Gabriel asked his ears were still ringing.

“No,” Lou said “someone teleported him, forcibly.” Lou stumbled and Dawn grunted as his fathers weight dropped slightly.

“Help me” Dawn said as Lou sunk down to his knees, Gabriel ran forward.


Berith frowned as she leaned over Lou looking at the gash on the side of his head. The daemon was stretched out on one of the infirmary beds. Lou grumbled incoherently and pushed Berith's hands away as she tried to clean him up.

“Get off.” He managed.
“Stay still.” Berith said firmly wiping blood from a small cut on Lou's hand before moving away to thread a needle. Lou's brown eyes suddenly focused and he looked sideways to Berith.

“Don’t you dare.” He growled seeing the needle, sitting up he overbalanced and Dawn caught him as he tipped sideways. Lou groaned again clutching Dawn's arm and the side of his sore head.

Gabriel moved to Sylver who was quietly near the door.

“Alright?” Gabriel asked.

“Fine.” He said he was frowning.

“Then what's with the face?” Gabriel lit a cigarette.

“It was a little disconcerting seeing myself like that.” He looked at his twin. “then again, I should be used to it.” Gabriel laughed.

“We’re not identical.” He said.

“To some we are.” Sylver said Gabriel just shrugged. “so how did you know it was me?”  

The End

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