Who's Who?Mature

Gabriel, Lou and Dawn walked into the crowded throne room the daemons all bowed or inclined their heads to Lou and Dawn. Gabriel's presence incited quiet muttering and whispers and the vampyre growled.

Lou took his seat on throne at the head of the room, with Dawn to his right, Gabriel sat on the smaller chair beside Lou.

“This had better work.” Gabriel said as he passed Lou the daemon nodded once.



Gabriel continued down the corridor looking for the passage in the wall that the map in his hand said was there. He pressed each wooden panel gently as he passed the fifth one he tried slid back revealing a dark passage.


Sylver looked in distaste at his twin as he moved up the dais to the throne.

“Gabriel,” Sylver hissed “what are you doing?”

“Go away.” The vampyre growled.

“Not until I know what's going on.”


Lou saw the band around his wrist flare and he hurried towards the meeting place Gabriel had chosen. The library was ten floors above him.


Dawn hurried into the dark library as Gabriel staggered back his hand covering his mouth. Sylver stood nearby, fury on his usually calm face he stepped forward and Dawn threw his hands out fiery tendrils wrapped around Sylver. as Gabriel licked blood from his bottom lip Lou skidded into the room.

“Let me go.” Sylver snarled struggling against the bonds, Lou closed his eyes.

“Sylver's at the party too.” He said “I’ll go and get him.”


At the throne room door Lou stopped and grinned his form folding down into a small figure the dark brown eyes and hair melted away revealing gunmetal grey. And grey wings unfolded from the creatures back. He slammed his hands into the double doors and strode into the throne room heading towards Lou who still sat at the head of the room.  

The End

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