Plans in MotionMature

Sylver paced back and forth in the room he shared with Deacon he kept glaring at the plain silver chain around the daemons throat.

“Come back to bed, Sylv.” Deacon sighed seeing the look again.

“I don’t believe you let him put that thing on you.” Sylver growled.

“Well, I did so leave it.” Deacon snapped he could feel the anger and frustration from the vampyre as Sylver began to pace again. “What is the problem?” Deacon growled “its Lou, I trust him if you don’t.” Sylver stopped and stared at him.

“He’s putting them on us to ensure we’re us, correct?” Deacon nodded wondering where this was going. Sylver moved forward so he was knelt on the bed his nose almost touching Deacon's. The daemon grinned and wrapped his arms around Sylver's shoulders but the vampyre growled and stayed stony faced his body still.

“How,” he said slowly and firmly “do we know its Lou?” Deacon's eyes widened the grin vanishing.


So know what?” Gabriel asked.

“Now,” Lou smiled “I have organized a get together with a few other daemons and this little group, just a few drinks and things.”

“You mean a party?” Gabriel growled Dawn laughed.

“Still not a social animal Gabriel?” Lou smiled.
“No I'm not,” Gabriel said “I’d rather stay here.”

“It’s not just a party.” Lou said, “You and Dawn will stay with me, Berith you know your roll.” Berith nodded and left quickly as Lou sat down to explain to the two on the bed.


Later that day Gabriel looked at the miniature blueprints in his clawed hands. Making sure he knew where he was on the little map he moved off down the dark corridor.


Dawn was doing much the same over fifty floors down and Lou was searching the grounds outside. Berith stood on the mezzanine floor above the busy throne room looking out over the crowds.

“Berith?” a voice said behind her.

“Sorcha” Berith smiled kissing the strangers cheek, “are you all ready?” Sorcha nodded and left quickly.

The End

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