Old Friends and New EnemiesMature

Lou wrapped his arms around Berith, as Dawn came in too.

“You don’t belong to me.” He said quietly “I don’t mind if you want to go.” She laughed and he let go. “Just make sure you visit me.” he said sternly trying not to smile, Berith nodded and looked up at Gabriel.

“How’s your chest?” She asked changing the subject.

“It’s fine.” Gabriel replied automatically.

“Did you get hurt in your fight?”

“No” Gabriel lit a cigarette.

“Luckily,” Dawn growled “I’d like to know who this shapeshifter is.”

“And me.” Lou sighed “Gabriel,” he looked at the vampyre as Gabriel moved to sit on the bed.

“I know.” Gabriel said knowing what the daemon would say.

“What?” Dawn frowned.

“We need to leave, lives are in danger and I don’t know why.” Lou said sadly.

“We can fight back.” Dawn said Lou smiled fondly.

“I don’t doubt that,” he said “but fight whom?” Dawn just looked at him blankly. “and what if Morgan gets caught in a fight?” Lou added.

“Morgan can handle herself.” Gabriel said. “I wouldn’t argue with her at the moment anyway.”

“She may be strong but she is vulnerable and I presume that you wont let her go away alone, even if it is for safety?” Berith said Gabriel shook his head.

“Surely travelling to Goddess knows where wont be good for her either.” Dawn said as he sat down beside Gabriel.

“Maybe not,” Lou sighed rubbing his head “but one more incident and I will insist, stay in pairs until then. Deal?” he looked at Gabriel.

“Fine,” the vampyre nodded knowing that Lou was right.

“Let me get everyone marked and get an idea of where to go.” Lou said “and hopefully some idea of who's doing all of this.”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Gabriel growled “its Mother.” Lou hummed thoughtfully.

“You know Gabriel, for once, I don’t think it is.”

“Besides I thought everyone was marked.” Dawn frowned Lou laughed.

“Of all of you the one I thought would be easy has refused” he said turning to leave “I never realized Sylver was so argumentative.” 

The End

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