Berith's Words Of WisdomMature

By the next day half of the group had a new item of jewellery.

“Doesn’t it drain your magick?” Morgan asked looking in the mirror at the small hoops in her ears.

“No” Lou smiled “its not a binding, its connection to me is minute at best.” She nodded.

“Fair enough.” She beamed.

“How’s it going, by the way?” Lou asked

“Not bad” Morgan said patting her growing bump. “If it can be anymore strange.” Lou half smiled half frowned in confusion. “One minute I'm annoyed, then I'm happy then I'm in floods of tears at something ridiculous.” Lou nodded. “Also none of my clothes fit.” She sighed “I have a safety pin holding my jeans up.” Lou chuckled and rested a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“I'm good at most things but this is a bit out of my league, I think you need to speak to Sal.” He said Morgan nodded.


Gabriel frowned down at his bracelet then looked back up to the open window, the hot air of Hell made it hard to breath and he sighed looking back down.

“Something wrong?” a voice said quietly trying not to startle the vampyre. Berith moved up behind him seeing his shoulders were slumped slightly she rested a gentle hand just above his left wing and felt him wince slightly. “Are you hurt?” she asked but the vampyre shook his head.

“Just old complaints.” He said vaguely.

“I know about those” she said looking past him to the city below.

“Lou told you?” he growled.

“No,” she said “I was the one who found Lou after he fell, I helped him with his own ‘old complaints’”

“Found him?” Gabriel asked.

“Yes, he was wandering down here alone, almost naked, with no memories covered in blood.” She sighed “there was no city here then, Lou built all of this himself.”

“It’s good.” Gabriel nodded Berith laughed at the awkward vampyre.

“It is good.” She nodded “I liked it here but now I think its time to move on.”

“Where?” Gabriel asked.

“With you?” Berith asked “with Maxwell.”

“Does Lou know?” Gabriel asked.

“He does now.” A voice said behind them Lou lounged by the door his arms folded over his chest.

“Lou…” Berith said quickly but the daemon held up a hand to stop her and he moved to her.

The End

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