Lou's PlanMature

Gabriel settled back on his bed thinking about the fight, his damp hair lay across his chest to stop the bed getting wet he growled as Dawn and Lou walked in.

“Don’t you two knock?” he grumbled.

“Not on this occasion.” Lou smiled “we came to see if you're okay.”

“You don’t knock on any occasion.” Gabriel sat up “and I'm fine.”

“Good.” Lou smiled “then I can tell you the plan.”


Lewis was sitting in a soft armchair in the hotel room, watching Amarantine staring transfixed at the candle flame. Lewis was drifting off to sleep when Amarantine swore loudly. Allegra and Lewis started looking at him to see the flame had gone out. Amarantine moved stiffly from his seat, stretching painfully as he walked back to the sofa.

“What I would give for a real hearth fire.” He sighed

“No luck?” Lewis asked the hybrid shook his head.

“No young Lewis, no luck.” Amarantine settled down for some sleep “how are you now?” he added.

“Not bad.” Lewis smiled “so what was wrong with me?”

“Just basic blood depravation and smoke inhalation.” Amarantine muttered as sleep caught up with him.

“I didn’t choose the right time to come here did I?” Lewis sighed Amarantine's chocolate eyes opened for a moment.

“Perhaps not.” He smiled as Allegra lay her head on Lewis’ shoulder. “Then again, perhaps it was just right.”


“What?” Gabriel snarled Lou didn’t flinch at the expected reaction.
“I thought you wanted to leave?” Lou smiled.

“And go where?” Gabriel snapped.

“That didn’t bother you before.” Lou said.

“Well it bothers me now, okay?” Gabriel growled.

“Alright,” Lou laughed.
“Gabriel,” Dawn said “circumstances change, Balthazar could have killed you.” Lou nodded.

“I'm aware of that.” Gabriel sighed lighting a cigarette “if we leave now, how do we know that everyone are themselves?”

“I've thought of that.” Lou said “as I'm sure of an identity I will mark the person.”

“Huh?” Gabriel asked.

“A magickal marker.” Lou said.

“Like?” Dawn asked and Gabriel realized that Dawn knew nothing of this plan. Lou raised one hand flicking his fingers casually, a plain silver band appeared around Dawn's wrist. Dawn smiled then his face twisted to a frown as he tried to touch the apparently solid bracelet and his fingers passed straight through the metal.

“Fine.” Gabriel nodded.

“Wont it look strange if we all have jewellery on?” Dawn asked.

“Hm.” Lou nodded thoughtfully and both hands came up the silver band vanished appearing on Gabriel's wrist and Dawn wore a plain silver ring on his middle finger. “a little variety is good. Just tell anyone who asks that they're gifts from me.” Dawn nodded and flexed his fingers shivering slightly.

“How weird.” He said “I know its there but I can’t feel it.”

“That’s the idea for now,” Lou said “any shapeshifters won't realize that they're not real.” Gabriel shook his wrist and the bracelet flashed like a bad hologram. “Unless you do that.” Lou laughed. 

The End

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