Keep Your Friends Close...Mature

Gabriel saw Balthazar and Rossier in the throne room later that day and walked in.

“Hey,” Balthazar muttered Gabriel nodded a greeting.

“Hi, sexy.” Rossier grinned Gabriel didn’t even look at him and smiled slightly as Balthazar smacked his brother around the head.

“He has a name.” Balthazar snapped.

“Ow,” Rossier grumbled rubbing his sore ear.

“What’s up?” Balthazar asked as he saw Gabriel looking at a rack of weapons that hung on the wall.

“Bored.” Gabriel replied.

“Fancy a sparring match.” Rossier grinned.

“No,” Gabriel said dully. “Not with you anyway.”

“How about me?” Balthazar asked shifting his heavy frame slightly.

“I have orders not to fight until my chest heals.” Gabriel muttered.

“Orders?” Balthazar smiled. “Since when do you follow orders?” Gabriel grinned widely.


Gabriel stripped off his hoodie, standing in a plain white t-shirt, and black cotton combat trousers. He moved his arm making sure the wound wouldn’t tear or open he smiled as it didn’t even pull. A few yards away Balthazar stretched casually, Gabriel thought the large daemon looked a little odd as his large frame was almost graceful. The vampyre stepped into the middle of the room and Balthazar grinned.


Lou and Dawn hurried down the corridor as the magick level set off soundless alarms in Lou's mind.


Balthazar's fist crashed into the floor Gabriel leapt aside swiftly watching the large daemon move in again. Balthazar swung again Gabriel ducked beneath the huge hand.

“Guys this is supposed to be a friendly.” Rossier shouted as Gabriel lashed out leaping back as Balthazar’s huge form lunged forward catching the vampyres sleeve. The material tore as Gabriel pulled away, he didn’t dare stop as a grin appeared on Balthazar's face and he swung again.

“Balthazar.” Rossier snapped Gabriel glared at him for a split second as he twisted, ducking behind the daemon he opened a large gash on Balthazar's thigh. The massive daemon roared and turned to receive a sharp kick to his stomach. Gabriel's balance failed as the torn t-shirt trapped his arm and he fell landing on his back. Balthazar's maniacal grin widened as something flashed in his hand. Gabriel yelled and rolled as the blade hit the floor cutting into the wood.

“Balthazar, stop.” Rossier's voice came again. Gabriel felt his magick flare and choke as Lou’s guards cut it off. He saw a flash of blue and winced as Rossier hit the floor with a sickening crunch. The vampyre scrambled to his feet as the sharp sword swung towards him he jumped back and the blade narrowly missed his stomach. Balthazar grabbed his t-shirt again sending him flying .

“Enough.” Lou's voice shook the hall Balthazar looked up and laughed dropping the sword he folded his arms over his chest and vanished. Gabriel lay on his back his elbows propping him up, he was breathing hard.

“What the Hell?” Dawn growled he bent down gripping Gabriel's arms he pulled the vampyre up as Lou crossed to Rossier. Gabriel didn’t say a word as Dawn's dark eyes looked at him. “What happened?” Dawn snapped.

“We were sparring,” Gabriel said “then we weren’t.” Lou picked Rossier up and helped him limp to the others.

“I thought Balthazar was on our side now?” Dawn snarled

“He is.” Rossier said “that wasn’t him.”

“How do you know?”

“He cant teleport” Rossier winced as he tested his foot on the floor.

“Your damn guarding magick almost got me killed.” Gabriel snapped at Lou pulling out of Dawn's grip.

“I think whoever that was almost killed you.” Dawn said gripping Gabriel's arms again. He carefully looked the vampyre up and down his eyes taking in the thin body. “Are you hurt?”

“No.” Gabriel said honestly.

“Luckily.” Lou's said “this is getting dangerous.” Dawn just stared at his father as Gabriel laughed in disbelief.

“You think?” Gabriel snapped.

The End

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