Security ProblemsMature

Gabriel stopped training only when sweat dripped into his eyes and the wound on his chest making both sting. Berith watched him closely.

“Okay?” she asked Gabriel looked at her his eyes blank.

“Fine.” He said sitting down beside her he lit a cigarette.

“Good.” She smiled “because Sylver and Deacon are looking for you.” Gabriel shot her a look of uncertainty.

“You mean they’ve dragged themselves out of bed for long enough to remember we’re here?” he growled Berith took a moment to realize the stoic vampyre was joking.

“I don’t want to think of Deacon like that.” She laughed shaking her head. “I've known him since he was a kid, it's weird.”


Gabriel tilted his head back letting the hot water run down his neck. Swiftly he washed is hair and stepped out of the shower stall.


Sylver Deacon and Dawn were waiting in the bedroom for him. the vampyre glared at the, and took his pile of clean clothes into the bathroom slamming the door.

“Well,” Dawn said “that’s normal.”

“Hm.” Sylver hummed sceptically. Ten minutes later Gabriel came back out dressed his hair loose and hanging haphazardly around his face. Sylver turned as Dawn made a small noise.

“Was that what I think it was?” he asked sniggering slightly.

“What?” Dawn frowned.

“You purred.” Deacon laughed.

“I did not.” Dawn growled his cheeks flushing slightly. Gabriel turned away and began to pull a brush through his hair.

“What did you all want?” he asked shortly.

“We were wondering…” Sylver paused.

“Wondering?” Gabriel prompted braiding his sopping wet hair.

“Can you show us some magick?” Deacon asked Gabriel pulled a face.

“What?” he snapped “why?”

“Because I don’t think you're you.” Sylver stood up as he saw the annoyance on Gabriel's face.

“Excuse me?” Gabriel said quietly.

“I cant hear you anymore.” Sylver tapped his temple.

“I know.” Gabriel growled “I made sure of it.”

“What?” Sylver cried.

“I asked Rega, when I first met him, for something to stop it.” Gabriel shrugged.
“Why would you do that?” Sylver shouted Gabriel turned to his twin.
“Because I don’t want you in my head.” Sylver started the hurt visible on his face, he turned and walked out slamming the door shut. Deacon stood and hurried after him.

“Gabriel,” Dawn stood “that was unfair.”

“So?” Gabriel tied off his braid “it’s true.”

“So what about me?” Dawn asked the question threw Gabriel for a moment. “Don’t I get to know what's going on in your head?”

“Only if I want you too.” Gabriel lit a cigarette and Dawn frowned as Gabriel fumbled with the lighter. “Which I don’t.”

“So the last few months have meant nothing?” the daemon asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“Us” Dawn snapped.

“There is no us.” Gabriel said “there never will be.” Dawn looked at him for a moment.

“Fine,” he managed “then I’ll go and leave you alone as you seem to enjoy it.” He left closing the door a little more sedately than Sylver. Gabriel turned looking at the mirror the blue eyes met their reflection and he sighed.


Gabriel said nothing the next morning at breakfast sitting back from the table his arms crossed and his eyes closed. He didn’t look at Dawn as the daemon pushed food around his plate. At the end of the table Lou looked at them both carefully.

“Excuse me.” Sylver said pushing his chair back he made to leave.

“Wait.” Lou said “I want a word with everyone.” Sylver looked at the daemon for a moment then sat down again.

“Well?” he growled.

“I'm going to request that everyone pairs up, I do not want you to go anywhere alone.” Lou's face was serious.

“Why?” Maxwell asked

“There seems to be a shapeshifter mimicking members of the group.” Lou said “also,” he looked at Sylver “someone set of my alarms this morning with a high level magick use.”

“Maybe Gabriel lost his temper.” Sylver snarled his twin didn’t react his eyes remained closed. Dawn wondered for a moment if the vampyre was actually asleep.

“No.” Lou said firmly. “This was a controlled spell, well organized. Not a quick temper flare.”

“So?” Dawn asked.

“So my guards have been increased due to that and the shapeshifter.” Lou smiled.

“What can guards do?” Daryll asked as he flicked a cherry tomato at Rossier.

“Magickal guards, Daryll.” Lou said trying not to laugh as Rossier caught the offending food sending the pulpy inside down his shirt, he swore loudly. “No one can use high level magick until I take it down.”

“Even you?” Daryll asked.

“Even me.” Lou nodded. “And I will be making enquires about who it was and why.”

“What’s the problem?” Maxwell asked “surely magick is used all of the time here?”

“It is but not spell work.” Lou said “that is not our style.”

The End

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