Small Chats in the BedroomMature

Gabriel looked in the mirror examining the cut on his chest he moved his arm gingerly and smiled and the wound stayed closed then he pulled a loose shirt on strapping his axes to his belt he lit a cigarette and left the room.


Berith sighed as she found Gabriel training in the throne room.

“I'm fine” Gabriel growled as she came in.

“I know.” She said sitting down to watch.


Sylver was sat on the edge of the bed thinking he didn’t notice that behind him Deacon was awake and watching him. The daemon sat up and moved wrapping his arms around Sylver shoulders.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I'm not sure.” Sylver said after a moment, leaning back against Deacon's chest. “I'm just worried about a few members of the group.”

“Gabriel?” Deacon asked Sylver nodded.

“Something’s changed in his mind.”

“Like what?” Deacon asked, but Sylver shrugged.

“I don’t know.” He said “Dawn's changed too.”

“He looks so different.” Deacon said he brushed Sylver's shoulder length hair back.

“He looks like he did in Paradise.” Sylver said then he sighed “I don’t know, I'm probably imagining it.”

“Imagining what?” Deacon pressed Sylver stood and turned to look at him.

“I can’t hear Gabriel anymore.” He tapped his temple. “He’s not up here.”

“I don’t understand.” Deacon frowned he could feel an odd sadness from the vampyre.

“Gabriel and I are twins, Deacon.” He said “but recently our connection hasn’t been there.”

“Hm.” Deacon said watching Sylver pull on a pair of jeans his eyes travelled over the vampyres chest and he smiled slightly. “do you think he's ill?”

“No” Sylver said tersely. “Either he's shut down completely which has only happened once or it’s not him.”

“How can we tell?” Deacon asked “the shapeshifters here are skilled.” Sylver looked at him seriously.

“I have one sure way of telling.” He said his smile was not a happy one, he tugged a t-shirt over his head and moved to the door.

“Sylver” Deacon smiled standing up the vampyre looked at him “bed hair is not suitable in public.” He handed the vampyre a comb and grinned as Sylver laughed.

The End

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