Sickness and AbcenseMature

Gabriel awoke to feel dizzy and sick he groaned and Dawn looked up from his chess game he quietly played with Tairas.

“Gabriel?” he frowned as the vampyre stood quickly, moving to the bathroom he slammed the door shut.


Gabriel bit his lip as the hot water washed the wound on his chest clean he swayed his clawed hand scraping down the tiles.

“Gabriel?” Berith called “open the door.” Gabriel sighed resting his head on the cold tiles. He barely flinched as the door crashed back and Dawn marched in.

“out.” He ordered through the frosted glass shower stall. Gabriel turned shutting the water off.

“Gabriel,” Berith said coming up beside Dawn “what happened?”

“Do you mind?” Gabriel asked quietly Berith smiled and left quickly but Dawn held a towel up.

“out.” He growled.


Gabriel let Dawn wrap the towel around him his feverish mind too vague to really care. Dawn held tight to the soaking wet vampyre.

“You scared me.” He muttered Gabriel just nodded.


“This is starting to heal.” Berith said as she looked at Gabriel's wound the vampyre was laying on the bed he'd managed to get a pair of loose tracksuit bottoms on without Dawn's help. The feverish vampyre snarled as Berith touched his shoulder.

“Its okay,” she smiled “I’ll strap you up no herbs or anything.”

“So what happened?” Dawn asked as Berith unpacked clean linen bandages from her box.

“I think the herbs were too strong but they’ve started to work” she said Gabriel nodded as Dawn smiled.


Four days later and Berith was removing the day old dressings from a very grouchy vampyre.

“I can leave these of for a while if you want.” Gabriel looked down to see the wound was starting to knit at the edges. “Only if you promise to take it easy.”

“Fine” Gabriel growled Berith nodded.


Dawn saw a silver haired figure vanish into the throne room and he hurried down the corridor.

“Gabriel?” he called into the dark room he frowned moving into the darkness as something moved on the mezzanine floor above. He moved silently over the wooden floor his gaze focused on the beautifully carved ceiling. “I know you're there.” He thought moving to the thin stairs that ran up the side of the hall to the floor above he lifted a hand his magick flaring to life but in the red light he could see that no one was there.


“I haven’t seen him Dawn” Lou said.

“nor me” Rossier said from across the table. Dawn chewed his lip for a moment then turned and left quickly, Lou stood and hurried after him. 

The End

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