Good BoyMature

An hour later and the thick mixture of herbs and plants was packed into the deep wound and enclosed with layers of bandage that covered most of the vampyres torso and stomach and up over his right shoulder. Gabriel was in pain and in a bad mood.

“Come on.” Lou smiled at Rega they left together as Berith began to pack up her things.

“There” she said “all done.” Gabriel looked at her for a moment.

“Thanks.” He muttered lighting a cigarette.

“You're welcome” Berith smiled “in two days I’ll take them off and let it breath a little then we’ll redo it.” Gabriel groaned. “I know you like to shower each day where possible but this needs to have a break from the ridiculously hot water you shower with.”

“I know,” Gabriel grumbled “and thanks again.” he tried for a smile but failed.

“Dawn keep an eye on him for a few hours.”

“I’ll be fine.” Gabriel growled irritated at the attention he wanted some time to himself.

“I know,” Berith smiled “but that mixture is strong and I don’t know how your species will react to it. Any adverse reactions come and find me, I’ll be in Maxwell's room.”

“You and Maxwell?” Dawn grinned Berith nodded a small smile on her face.


Gabriel's chest throbbed painfully as he moved to the chair beside the fireplace. He sat back resting his head on the padded headrest.

“Gabriel?” Dawn frowned kneeling in front of the vampyre he watched the icy eyes open. “Can I do anything?” the daemon asked Gabriel shook his head. “why didn’t you tell me?” Gabriel sighed.

“You were ill enough, Dawn.” He said quietly “I didn’t even think about me.”


The drip slowly pumped blood into the vampyre on the bed, Lewis was awake but drowsy and disoriented. He groaned as Allegra sat down beside him gently she took his hand and looked up to see Amarantine sat staring at a candle flame. Suddenly he sighed breaking his concentration and stood stretching.

“Anything?” Allegra asked Amarantine shook his head.

“Nothing, either Hell is shut down or they're not there.” He moved to the couch and flopped down stretching out his feet dangled over the end.


Lou looked up as the fire in his office shifted the logs resettling themselves. He sighed and went back to his work as the fire filled with black streaks for a split second.




The End

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