Gabriel lay back on the bed his blue eyes watched Rega carefully as the tiger moved to his side.

“Hm.” He said thoughtfully he reached out and his fur bristled, he snatched his hand back as Gabriel snarled at him.

“Gabriel,” Lou said firmly “Rega needs to see properly.”

“He can see,” Gabriel snapped “I don’t want to be pulled around.” Rega's fur quickly settled back down as the tiger relaxed again.

“I won’t pull you around,” he said calmly “but I do need to see if its healing.”

“Its not healing, that’s the problem.” Gabriel grumbled Rega nodded and gently settled a paw on the vampyres scarred shoulder. Dawn who was sat beside Gabriel on the bed saw the vampyre tense and curled his fingers, discreetly around Gabriel's clawed hands.

Gabriel felt the soft paws on his stomach gently prodding the wound and he forced himself to stay still. Dawn tightened his grip as Gabriel's eyes squeezed shut.

“Sorry,” Rega apologized as Gabriel winced “but this is odd, when you said no healing I thought there would be a little but it’s as you say.”

“Anything we can do?” Lou asked “this is beyond me.”

“Has a healer been contacted?” Rega asked.

“No,” Dawn snapped before Gabriel even registered the question, Rega jumped. “No healers.”

“Magick seems to make them worse.” Lou explained as Rega's fur settled again.

“hm.” Rega looked at Gabriel again “I assume the same weapon made these.” He ran a paw over the deep scars on Gabriel's shoulder and the vampyre growled warningly.

“Yes,” Dawn answered his free hand played with Gabriel's braid the other stroked the clawed hand gently.

“Very well.” Rega said “do you have a decent herbalist here?” Lou sighed.

“Our two best ones are missing still.” He said wondering again where Lewis and Allegra had gone. “But there's Berith.”

“I'm not having half of Hell poking me about.” Gabriel growled trying to sit up but Dawn's hold on his hair snapped his head back.

“Sorry” Dawn muttered as Gabriel glared at him, he untangled his fingers.

“You won’t have half of Hell, I promise.” Rega smiled “its just I think the simplest route is the wisest first rather than attacking you with healing potions and the like.”


Berith arrived quickly a large wooden box in hand, even with the lid latched shut Gabriel could smell the almost overpowering scent of dried herbs. Somewhere below the smell was the aroma of blood and Gabriel shivered as automatically his eyes fell on a half covered bite mark on her wrist.

“So who are you feeding?” Dawn asked noticing at the same time.

“No one.” She smiled.

“bullshit.” Gabriel growled Berith grinned.

“One of your brothers.” She said opening the box.

“What is that?” Gabriel asked as she pulled a smaller wooden box from the large one it had a small written label.

“Healing salve.” Dawn read the upside down label with no trouble.

“And what's in it?” Gabriel asked.

“Calendula, plantain and rosemary.” Berith said “but I'm going to add a few more and rather than just putting a little on I'm going to try packing the wound.” Gabriel's eyes widened and he sat up quickly.

“No way.” He snapped.

“Gabriel,” Lou said tugging his good shoulder. “You’re a big vampyre and its easier to do it this way than keep persuading you to let us put it on.”

“I can do it myself.” The vampyre growled.

“With those?” Lou said instantly feeling guilty as Gabriel looked sadly at his claws then lay down.
“I will be as fast as I can.” Berith said gently “but I need you to unfold your arms.” 

The End

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