A Few Good ReasonsMature

The vampyre was in his room when Dawn came to find him, Gabriel was sat on the edge of the seat beside the unlit fire.

“Get out.” He snarled not looking up.
“Gabriel.” Dawn said carefully the vampyres blue eyes narrowed.

“out.” His voice was low.

“Alright,” Dawn sighed “I'm going.”


Dawn lay back on his bed his hands behind his head he looked up as Lou came in.

“How is he?”

“angry.” Dawn said “other than that I don’t know.” Lou rubbed his head feeling the start of a tension headache.

“That boy has too much attitude for my liking.” He said Dawn sat up a little too fast and he swayed but he swatted Lou's hands away.

“That boy,” Dawn snapped “as you put it, has his attitudes for a reason.”

“What reason?” Lou growled.

“He’s been through a lot.” Dawn said weakly.

“So have the others.” Lou said “and none of them are like it.”

“Gabriel had to hide his feelings, they didn’t and he's still doing it.” Dawn said laying back down “he shouts when he doesn’t know what to do, its all he knows” Lou sighed.

“I suppose you know him better than I do.” He said “I'm going to lay down I have a killer headache.”  


“Gabriel?” Sylver called into the dark bedroom.

“What?” came the snappy reply.

“Lou's asked all of us to meet him.” Sylver said “at Sal's.”


Gabriel sat back at the table his arms folded over his chest as everyone else sat talking quietly with interest about the meeting. Lou sat nearby a coffee in his hands talking in hushed tones to Sal.

“Is everyone here?” he said suddenly the group looked around and one by one everyone nodded. “I've asked you here on a serious matter.” Dawn pushed a black glass bottle closer to Gabriel but the vampyre didn’t even look at him. “Someone is impersonating members of the group, I don’t know why but it can’t be a humorous reason.” Lou's voice stayed low despite the blinds being pulled over the windows and the doors locked. “There will be extra security at the palace and I would like everyone to pair up, anything out of the ordinary come to me.”

“I thought we were safe here.” Maxwell snapped loudly.

“So did I.” Lou growled trying to hide his annoyance at the vampyres tone. “And I will keep you all safe even if it means leaving.” Gabriel sniffed and leant back in the chair distaste visible on his face.  


Later Gabriel sat in his room in the chair by the fire,  on the arm of the chair lay a brand new pack of cigarettes now half empty beside a swiftly filling ashtray.

“Gabriel,” Lou opened the door slowly.

“What?” Gabriel's voice was low and sedate.

“Can we have a word?” Dawn asked following Lou into the room.

“Whatever I say won’t make you leave, so go ahead.” Gabriel muttered as Lou vanished and reappeared holding two more chairs he sat down and Dawn followed suit.

“Gabriel, I just had to mention that a few of the others have said you're not yourself and we were wondering why.”

“You think I'm a copy?” Gabriel asked too tired to be annoyed.

“A shapeshifter?” Lou smiled “no not one shapeshifter I know could impersonate your temper.” Gabriel snorted and lit another cigarette.

“I'm worried about you.” Dawn said as Lou looked disapprovingly at the ashtray on the arm of the chair.

“You always are.” Gabriel said looking into the black hearth.

“I think I know what's wrong.” Lou said “but I want to say if I'm not right.” Gabriel looked at him his eyes dark. “I think that you want a place that’s not only safe but that’s yours where you can keep your family safe too and not be under anyone else’s orders.”

“Yeah,” Gabriel said looking away again.

“And?” Lou smiled gently.

“And…” Gabriel said dully “nothing.”

“Gabriel,” Lou said “I can help I promise.” The vampyre moved and both Lou and Dawn saw the wince as Gabriel tried to cover it. “You’re in pain.” Lou said Gabriel glared at him then he sighed and nodded his eyes firmly on the end of the cigarette as he admitted it. “Okay,” Lou said standing up “lets get you looked at.” 

The End

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