Copycats and Psychopaths.Mature

Gabriel finished his cigarette and stood moving to the window he looked out over Hell. Lou's office was tight at the top of the palace. A huge room with bookshelves of dark wood lining two walls, a window that stretched from the floor to the ceiling filled the third. Gabriel sighed as he looked at the half open door and frowned as he saw a shadow move in the dark corridor outside. Slowly he moved to the door making sure his own shadow didn’t give him away. He slammed the door back his claws closing around a throat forcing the person back against the wall.

“Gabriel,” Dawn choked the vampyre released him quickly Dawn coughed hard as his throat opened back up. “What the hell?” Dawn snarled.

“I didn’t know it was you”

“Who else would it be?”

“I don’t know.” Gabriel snapped. “Your shadow looks different now.”

“Of course it does.” Dawn rubbed his neck as Lou came running up to them.
“What happened?” he panted “I could hear you shouting downstairs.”

“It’s nothing.” Dawn snarled glaring at Gabriel before he turned and walked away.

“Gabriel?” Lou frowned.

“I don’t know.” Gabriel said simply.


Leonard followed at a steady jog the horned daemon didn’t seem fazed or concerned at all.

“Everything okay?” he asked as he saw Gabriel Lou hurried away down the corridor after Dawn.

“Fine.” Gabriel said tersely going back into Lou's study. Leonard followed and as Gabriel moved to the window lighting a cigarette he could hear the daemon moving the maps across Lou's desk and muttering to himself.  


Dawn settled back in the huge pool his arms and wings spread either side of him he closed his eyes, smiling as he relaxed in the quiet warm air.

Dawn?” he heard Lou calling and irritated he frowned his eyes still closed, Lou called again. Dawn growled bringing his hand up he flashed his magick so his father knew where he was. He sighed and let his arms drop back into the water as he felt his muscles tense again.


Gabriel waited getting more and more impatient just as he turned to leave Dawn ran in.

“Gabriel,” he cried his hair was dripping wet and his shirt was drenched and unbuttoned.

“You’re lucky he's dressed.” Lou said.

“Lou said someone attacked you.” Dawn growled.

“I never said that.” Lou frowned sitting down, Gabriel just stared at the wet daemon in front of him. “It wasn’t Dawn outside.” Lou added.

“Huh?” Gabriel looked at him.

“It wasn’t me.” Dawn said “I've been in the pool for the last hour”

“Fine.” Gabriel said shrugging. “Lou, the next person following me won’t be attacked.”

“What makes you say that?” Lou asked.

“You’d better have a good cleaner here.” Gabriel moved around Dawn “I will take the next ones head.” He stormed out and Dawn looked at Lou worry visible on his face.

The End

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