A few days later Gabriel had calmed down a little and he sighed walking into Lou's study the daemon had his head down over a writing pad and was scribbling away his mouth moving silently as the words flew onto the paper. Suddenly he froze and looked up.
“And I appear out of nowhere?” Lou smiled Gabriel glanced at the writing wondering why literate ability always eluded him. “Is everything alright?” Lou frowned as the vampyre stood silent for a moment.

“No,” Gabriel said “its not.” Lou put his pen down and sat back, looking patiently at him. “There’s something wrong.” Gabriel said cursing Dawn silently for making him come here, the words sounded ridiculous even as he said them.

“Like what?” Lou frowned.

“I'm not sure.” Gabriel rubbed his head.

“Take a seat.” Lou said standing he moved to close the door.

“Dawn thinks I'm paranoid.” Gabriel lit a cigarette.

“he said that?” Lou asked moving back to his desk.

“Not in as many words.” Gabriel sighed.

“Well, I happen to agree with you.” Lou moved the writing pad and Gabriel saw several maps beneath it. Lou began to spread them out over the cluttered writing table.

“What’s this?” Gabriel asked.

“This,” Lou said pointing to each map. “Is Hell, the Midway and Paradise.” Then carefully he pulled a rough sketch from beneath them and spread it out over the top.

“This is the only reference to Dynonia Ruin.” Gabriel nodded once his eyes sweeping the maps.

“There are no armies, aside from Paradise there are no angels, no movement at all.”

“Nothing?” Gabriel frowned “none?”

“Apart from the attack in Bain that was the only sighting of the Dynonia daemons.” Lou said hoping the vampyre would have an idea of what was happening.

“So what's she up too?” Gabriel growled.

“Aura?” Lou said knowing already but making sire, Gabriel nodded again.

“I'm not sure.” Lou said “my armies have been ready for over two weeks but they're starting to get restless, two weeks is a long time, we've had a few deserters.” Gabriel growled at the word.

“What’re  your generals doing?” he snarled.

“They’re trying.” Lou said understanding the vampyres annoyance. “but for years  I have been scarce and they’ve had time to grow loyal to themselves.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was never a violent or sadistic ruler.” Lou said “but I commanded a certain amount of respect. Most still have it but a few don’t, problem is that even five percent of the population is a lot of daemons.” Gabriel nodded as he lit another cigarette from the old one. Lou pushed a metal plate across the table to him.

“Thanks” he muttered around the butt of the cigarette. Then he sat back thinking carefully.

“I have thought of trying to organize something for the troupes but I cant think what.”

“My legion liked to drink.” Gabriel smiled thinking back to the soldiers who, even drunken and rowdy, still saluted him before passing out at his feet, Lou nodded wondering about the small smile on the vampyres face.

“That is a lot of drunken daemons though.” He sighed.

“I don’t know then.” Gabriel said “unless you can take them off alert and keep the scouts active until something starts.” Lou grinned widely and stood up.

“Hold that thought.” He said “I’ll be right back.” 

The End

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