Strained RelationsMature

“Hey boys” Lou said from the open door.

“Hi” Dawn smiled Gabriel just nodded and sat down on the bed lighting a cigarette.

“Gabriel?” Lou said moving to stand beside Dawn.

“I'm fine, everything’s fine.” The vampyre growled.

“Have I done something wrong?” Lou asked to Dawn's surprise Gabriel laughed.

“Wrong?” he sniggered “no”

“Then what's the problem?” Lou said.

“nothing.” Gabriel snarled.

“What is wrong with you?” Dawn snapped not understanding the vampyres reaction.

“Nothing, apart from the fact I'm a user.” Gabriel said looking at Lou all the time he spoke, Lou frowned then his face switched from confusion to realization and shock as he worked out what Gabriel meant.

“What?” Dawn asked.

“Lucifer believes I am leading you on to get something out of it.” Gabriel sneered “I would like to know what I'm getting though.” 

“Gabriel,” Lou said carefully “I was under a lot of stress and I didn’t know you were there.”

“And that makes it okay?” Gabriel said as Dawn turned to look at his father in disgust.

“You think he's using me?” Dawn growled.

“It was just a thought.” Lou snapped “an idea.”

“Well you're wrong.” Dawn snarled a deep red line curled over his face.

“I'm sorry.” Lou said “to both of you.” Dawn glared at him for a moment longer.

“Not accepted.” he muttered before he vanished, the fiery snap of the teleport caught Lou. An angry burn appeared on his bare arm Lou grimaced gripping his arm tightly.

“Gabriel,” he said looking at the vampyre.

“Out” Gabriel said quietly “now.” Lou closed his eyes biting back the snappy reply then he opened his brown eyes.

“I am sorry” he said “perhaps I was wrong.” He vanished too. 

The End

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