Gabriel was laying on his bed his eyes picking shapes out of the dark canopy overhead, in his clawed hand a cigarette slowly burnt down.

He didn’t flinch as someone knocked on the door, Morgan peered in.

“Hey.” She said trying to sound cheerful, but Gabriel didn’t move and she frowned. “Hello?” she moved to his side “Are you okay?”

“Morgan?” Dawn said from the still open door, she looked up and Dawn was surprised by the look of irritation on her face.

“What’s wrong with him?” she asked Dawn moved to her.

“Gabriel?” he knelt by the bed his hand gripping the duvet beneath Gabriel as his vision blurred slightly. He took the cigarette from the vampyres claws and started a little as a low growl issued from the vampyre. “Sweetie, are you okay?”

“Fine.” Gabriel said dully his eyes still not moving from the darkness above. Dawn stood slowly using the edge of the bed to lever himself up.

“Shall I go?” Morgan asked quietly.

“Maybe its best.” Dawn nodded smiling tiredly at her and she moved to the door.

“Bye.” She said looking back before leaving.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said.

“It’s good to see you up.” Gabriel said tonelessly, still not looking at the daemon.

“Is it?” Dawn said tersely “you don’t seem pleased.”

“I know,” Gabriel sighed finally his eyes settled on Dawn. “I'm sorry.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” Gabriel frowned “Just something about this place.”

“A feeling?” Dawn asked “or a knowing?”

“Just a feeling for now,” Gabriel said Dawn could see that vampyre was genuinely unsettled and he brushed a hand over the pale cheek.

“Is that why you’ve been sneaking around recently?” Gabriel sighed again and Dawn smiled as the vampyre turned his head into the hand on his face, then the daemon jumped as Gabriel sat up.

“I went back to the throne room,” Gabriel said “the mezzanine floor?” he waited to make sure Dawn knew where he meant, the daemon nodded once. “The chairs up there?” Another nod. “When I came to see you I was followed, I attacked whoever it was but in the dark I thought I was being paranoid but one chair had blood smeared across the back of it.”

“So someone is following you” Dawn said thoughtfully “Lou?”

“No” Gabriel said wincing slightly as Dawn wrapped his arm around the vampyres chest and rested his chin on his shoulder. “He swears that in the palace there are no guards following anyone.”

“You believe him?” Dawn asked Gabriel pulled a face at the feeling of Dawn's jaw moving on his shoulder as he spoke.

“I think so.” Gabriel nodded “he was genuinely surprised”

“Maybe now you’ve hurt them they’ll stop” Dawn said his eyes taking in the pale neck beside him.

“I hope so.” Gabriel said he turned making Dawn move reluctantly. “How are you now?” he asked suddenly Dawn frowned then his face softened into a smile.

“Feeling a little strange in my own skin.” He replied Gabriel frowned not understanding. “Stand up.” Dawn said pulling himself up Gabriel moved warily wondering what the daemon was up too. As he straightened he realized.
“You’ve shrunk.” He said looking up, his head came up to the daemons nose instead of his collarbone. He stepped back to look at the daemon properly.

Dawn was still built heavily his shoulders still wide, but overall he was slimmer and a little more delicately built than before. Deep crimson wings hung down his back almost to the floor. Gabriel moved walking around the daemon he gently ran a hand down over the dark red skin of Dawn's wings. The daemon hissed as pins and needles ran up his wings into his shoulders.

“Sorry.” Gabriel snatched his hand back silently cursing at the sharp claws.

“Don’t be,” Dawn said turning to see him he gripped the vampyres wrist “they’re just a bit tender still.” Gabriel sighed and nodded looking down he noticed something odd.

“I thought you didn’t like your tail on view.” He said.
“I don’t” Dawn said letting the vampyre go. “My balance is a little off and it makes it easier if I use it.” Gabriel nodded finishing his circle around the daemon. “Well?” Dawn asked wondering what the vampyre thought. Gabriel looked at the dark eyes for a long time.

“You look familiar.” Gabriel frowned Dawn smiled.

“I was this size in Paradise,” he said Gabriel's saw a dark bruise just above the daemons collar Dawn realized where he was looking. “My scales changed,” he said “they didn’t feel good, that’s what's been making my muscles contract.”

“And your head?” Gabriel asked.

“My heads better, much better. He said “Lou explained it’s because I didn’t let it happen for so long. Also because of the damage aura did.”

“He healed that.” Gabriel growled.

“He did but he couldn’t heal what was in that part of my mind.” The daemon tapped his temple “that part is the template for my daemon form, all species have it but in most it remains dormant.”

The End

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