Suspicions and the Aftermath of HolehallowMature

Rega carefully cleaned black blood from Dawn's skin gently wiping the sore joints of his still visible wings. Dawn groaned as the warm water stung. He ached all over and just wanted to sleep.


The next day Gabriel sat up wincing slightly as the wounds on his side and chest complained simultaneously.

“Gabriel.” Lou didn’t look up from the book he was reading in a chair nearby. “lay down.”

“No” the vampyre growled , Lou glanced up his brown eyes fixing Gabriel.

“Please, lay down.” He tried but Gabriel was pulling his bloody shirt on intending to see Dawn and go for a shower.

“You won’t win.” Dawn muttered opening his eyes,

“I can try.” Lou sighed closing his book, he watched the vampyre grimace as he smelt dried blood his claws fumbling over the small buttons.


Lewis moved slowly to the large hotel bed, Amarantine walked cautiously behind him his hands raised ready to catch the vampyre but Lewis managed to roll onto the bed.

“What’s wrong with him?” Allegra asked.

“I am unsure.” Amarantine frowned as he pressed the back of his hand to the vampyres forehead. “have you fed enough?”

“I don’t know.” Lewis muttered Amarantine sighed.

“if only there was a way to contact Dawn or Lou.” He said covering Lewis with the thick duvet. Amarantine stood up and walked to the window, outside rain poured down into the flooded streets the storm drains unable to cope with the water.


Gabriel sat in the dining hall as Danu explained what had happened after the group had left Holehallow.


“The food ran out quickly,” she was saying “after Rossier killed the stewards and the daemons realized that they had been distracted with some kind of chemical.”

“They were drugged” Maxwell spat Danu's eyes fixed on him for a moment.

“Yes,” she smiled her scales seemed to brighten for a moment before dulling down again. They have all gone to earth, split into small groups after they finished being angry I managed to explain what I knew. They are hiding in small communes, goddess Sani only knows where.”

“Goddess Sani?” Sylver asked with obvious interest, Danu smiled at him.

“Religion later.” She said warmly. Gabriel stood slowly. “also,” Danu looked at him “a small daemon asked after you.”

“a small daemon?” Gabriel frowned.

“I believe his name was Cassidy.” She said the name slowly unsure of the sounds. “he was one of the ones who stayed behind to clear up,” she paused her eyes closing and her head bowing. “There were bodies in the room that Sylver found. Cassidy helped to bury them Holehallow is a mass grave now." Gabriel looked around the table and saw either an odd smile or a grimace on Morgan's face. 

“Morgan?” he said quietly she turned surprise on her face.

“Yes?” her voice seemed high pitched to the vampyre.

“Something wrong?” he asked looking intently at her, she shook her head.
“No, nothing.” Gabriel looked at her a moment longer confused at her tone.

“Fair enough.” He shrugged moving from the table.

“Gabriel,” Sylver called “how's Dawn?”

“He says he's fine.” Gabriel said unsure if the daemon was being truthful either.

The End

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